2020, Volume 21, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


2-Distance vertex-distinguishing edge colorings of graphs PDF
Danjun Huang, Yanwen Wang, Weifan Wang, Yiqiao Wang 1-19
Application of the generalized kudryashov method to the two-dimensional sine-Gordon and the double sine-Gordon equations PDF
M. Akbari, S. Lamei 19-26
A Generalization of Wrapped Exponential Distribution: Properties and Application PDF
K. M. Sakthivel, Alshad K.B 27-37
Optimal Control Analysis of Unemployment Models-A Stochastic Approach PDF
Shankrevva Gani, Shrishail R. Gani, Surekha B. Munoli 38-49
Product-Product-Type (PPT) Exponential Estimator in Double Sampling for Stratification (DSS) of Finite Population Mean PDF
Housila P. Singh, Pragati Nigam 50-59
A Discrete Ishita Distribution and its Applications PDF
Kamlesh Kumar Shukla 60-72
Analysis of a two processor system with breakdown preventive maintenance and closedown time PDF
A. Azhagappan, T. Deepa 73-82