2021, Volume 22, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Bayesian Prediction of Monthly Gold Prices Using an EARSV Model and Its Competitive Component Models PDF
Praveen Kumar Tripathi, Manika Agarwal 1-17
A Generalized Class of Estimators of Population Mean in Two-Phase Sampling Using Two Auxiliary Variables PDF
Manish Kumar, Ashish Tiwari 18-27
Analysis of an M or M or 1 Queue with Single Exponential Working Vacation PDF
K. V. Vijayashree, K. Ambika 28-43
Nilpotent values in prime rings with generalized derivation PDF
Md Hamidur Rahaman 44-51
Kumaraswamy Exponential Lomax distribution and its Applications PDF
Vasili. B V Nagarjuna, R. Vishnu Vardhan 52-72
Є-Upper and Lower Class Functions for the Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Single Server Queues PDF
Saroja Kumar Singh, Sarat Kumar Acharya 73-86