2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 4

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Table of Contents


Association Measures under Generalized Marshall-Olkin Model PDF
Jiantian Wang 1-8
Particle Swarm Optimization for Thermal Power Plant Safety Evaluation PDF
Wei SUN, Qing Ren 9-16
The Influence of Perforation Density on Polymer Flooding Development Effect PDF
YIN Daiyin, Song Yue 17-27
The Fuzzy Evaluation of the Signalized Intersection Service Level under Ice and Snowfall Conditions PDF
Liu Chunxiao, Zhang Yaping, Cheng Guozhua, Zhang Hong 28-35
Grey Forecasting Model to Forecast the Water Shortage Risk PDF
Fanyong Meng, Jisong Wu 36-46
Hypernormal Form at Quintic of the Rectangular Symmetric Cross-ply Composite Laminated Plates PDF
Jiao Wang, Jing Li, Bin He 47-57
Applied Financial Mathematical Model for Hedging Exchange Rate PDF
Doan Van Dinh, Guangming Gong 58-69
The evaluation model of a country’s health care system based on AHP and entropy weight method PDF
Wanchun Luo, Yang Li, Daosen Chen, Hu Luo 70-83
Optimal Strategies of Capital-constrained Supply Chain with Credit Guarantee Financing PDF
Nina Yan, Chongqing Liu, Hui Zhang 84-96
Application of Reverse Fuzzy Model for Time Series Prediction in Student Enrollment PDF
Zhang Kun, Wang Hong-xu, Wang Hai-feng, Li Zhuang 97-106
Nonlinear Lie Centralizers on Rings and Operator Algebras PDF
Fangjuan Zhang 107-116
Multiple Regression Equation of Chloride Estimation of Groundwater PDF
J. Mekparyup, K. Saithanu, K. Jaioun, T. Rojsiraphisal 117-122
Bayesian Inference for Double Generalized Linear Regression Models of the Inverse Gaussian Distribution PDF
Dengke Xu, Yuanying Zhao, Weijie Chen 123-131
Nonlinear Vibration of Prestressed Fish-shaped Cable Truss Supporting System PDF
Lijun YANG, Zhiheng DENG 132-139