2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Some Edge-Graph Parameters on Modular Product of Graphs PDF
Thamonwan Saengngammongkhol, Thanin Sitthiwirattham 1-12
Perceptive Network Model Based on Immune Algorithm Routing Mechanism PDF
Wu zhiyi, Mao Xiaohong 13-19
A Mathematical Model for Imperfect Maintenance Contract PDF
U. S. Pasaribu, H. Husniah, B. P. Iskandar, Ju Huang 20-35
VAR Model for Relations of China's Carbon Productivity and Social Electricity Consumption PDF
Caiqing Zhang, Jincheng Zheng 36-45
Model and Analysis of the current situation of energy structure and consumption: Evidence from Zhejiang Province PDF
Songyan Zhang 46-52
District as a Determinant of the Evaluation of Municipalities’ Economy? PDF
R. Vavrek, P. Kotulic, Mao Adamisin 53-64
A new preconditioned Gauss-Seidel method for linear systems PDF
Bing-Yuan Pu, Chun Wen 65-72
Advances in Privacy Protection under Web Service Composition Framework PDF
WANG Wang 73-79
An Optimal Control of Inventory-Production System with Gamma Distributed Deterioration PDF
A. K. Dhaiban, M. A. Baten, N. Aziz 80-89
Expectation-Maximization Based Parameter Identification for HMM of Urban Traffic Flow PDF
Herman Y. Sutarto, Endra Joelianto 90-101
The Spatio-temporal Evolution of Population Distribution in Xinjiang, China PDF
Jinzong Zhang, Guangxiong Mao, Yuxin Zhu, Fei Zhao 102-108
Evaluation and Prediction of Open Source Software Maintenance Effort through Code Quality PDF
Yang Mengning, Luo Yangyang, Xu Ling, Yan Meng 109-118
Jakarta Composite Index Prediction Using Fuzzy Time Series Markov Chain PDF
R.N. Rachmawati, A. Gamalita, I. Sungkawa 119-131
NSE characterization of projective special unitary group U3(8) PDF
Shitian Liu, Yong Yang 132-140
Research of Pressure Drop Rule of Heavy Oil Carrying Sand in Horizontal Wellbore PDF
Cheng Ting Liu, Hui Fang Li, Pan Pan Yang, Yuan Yuan Hu, Yun Long Dai, Rui Li 141-147
Combined Forecasting Techniques for Epidemiological Surveillance Trend PDF
S. Sukparungsee, Y. Areepong 148-159
An empirical study of the relations between China’s social security expenditure and consumption level PDF
Zhao Jianguo, Li Jia 160-172
The Recognition and Removal of Ocular Artifact PDF
M. A. Li, Y.C. Mei, G.Y. Zuo, Y.J. Sun 173-186