2013, Volume 31, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


New Strategy for Choosing Initial for the EM Algorithm in Poisson Regression Models PDF
Susana Faria, Fátima Gonçalves 1-8
A new tpye of Laplacian tensor and its Z-eigenvalues of an even uniform hypergraph PDF
Jinshan Xie, An Chang 9-19
Analysis on an Improved Global Convergence for a Spectral Conjugate Gradient Method PDF
Songhai Deng, Xiaohong Chen, Zhong Wan 20-26
Global Analysis of Solutions of Three Species Food Chain Model With Group Defense PDF
S.A.A. El-Marouf, A.S. Al-Hobishe 27-42
On Domination Number of 7 Times n Grid Graph PDF
Weisheng Zhao, Jianping Ou 43-66
Triple positive solutions for an impulsive dynamic equation with integral boundary condition on time scales PDF
Meng Hu, Lili Wang 67-78
Hyers-Ulam stability of a linear differential equation of third order PDF
Hamid Vaezi, Habib Shakoory 79-84
A New Super-memory Gradient Method with Curve Search Rule for Unconstrained Minimization Problems PDF
Jingyong Tang, Li Dong, Jinchuan Zhou 85-95
Numerical simulation of the sediment transport models in shallow water flows based on new finite volume method PDF
Kamel Mohamed, Hassanein Shaban 96-112
Asymptotic normality of local least square estimator for a varying coefficient model PDF
Bo Yu, Zhiqiang Wen 113-120