2020, Volume 35, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


Characterization of Drought Events in South Oran and South Algiers Steppes in Algeria PDF
D. Benlabiod, A. Medjerab, N. Mega 1-14
Dynamics of an Exploited Prey Predator Model Induced by Sigmoidal Functional Response in Strong Allee Effect PDF
Samadyuti Haldar, Kunal Das, T.K. Kar 15-34
Influence of Environmental Factors on the Zoobenthos in the Shallow Brackish Lake Zun-Torey, Russia PDF
P.V. Matafonov , M.Ts. Itigilova 35-43
Sustainable Production of Lampung Robusta Coffee: A Cost-Benefit Analysis PDF
Fitriani, Bustanul Arifin, Wan Abbas Zakaria, R Hanung Ismono, Fembriarti Erry Prasmatiwi 44-58
Compressive Strength Prediction of HVFA Control Concrete Using ANN and PSO-ANN Models PDF
Rajeshwari R, Sukomal Mandal, Rajasekaran C 59-74
System of Indicators to Measure Eco-Innovation Potential of Ukrainian Regions PDF
I.I. Koblianska, L.I. Kalachevska, Ye.V. Mishenin, L.I. Mykhailova 75-88
Does Climate Change Affect the Formation of Human Capital in Thailand? PDF
Aeggarchat Sirisankanan, Butsara Yongkhamcha 89-105
Ecologization of the Hotel Business in Ukraine PDF
S. G. Nezdoyminov 106-118
Vegetation dynamics and its dispersal syndrome across size class of tropical montane (shola) forest, Kudremukh, Western Ghats, India. PDF
Chetan H. C, Nagaraja B. C 119-128