2012, Volume: 25, Issue Number: 2

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Table of Contents


Multifractal Analysis of Rainfall in România PDF
A. Bărbulescu, C. Şerban 1-11
Dynamic analysis of a biological economic model of prey-predator system with alternative prey PDF
T. K. Kar, Bapan Ghosh 12-32
A study on perceptions of forestry development in Argentina PDF
Eloisa Mussat, Pablo Laclau 33-47
A Mathematical Model for Dengue Disease with Saturation and Bilinear Incidence PDF
Manju Agarwal, Vinay Verma 48-61
Simulation of Transport of Pollutants along Kunduchi Beach using Particle models PDF
N. A. Mtega, W. M. Charles 62-70
Living Environment and Quality of Life: A Case Study PDF
Daisy Das, S. Borbora, M. K. Dutta 71-84
Measuring the Impact of Water Resources on Specific Growth Factors in Pakistan PDF
K. Zaman, I. A. Shah, M. M. Khan, M. Ahmad 85-102