2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 6

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Table of Contents


Test and Measure on Difference of Marginal Homogeneity between Several Square Contingency Tables PDF
Kiyotaka Iki, Shun Yamasaki 1-9
Some Aspects of Measuring Agreement Between two Raters Based on a Bivariate Normal Distribution PDF
P. Yimprayoon 10-21
A primal-dual interior-point algorithm for convex quadratic semidefinite optimization based on a new kernel function PDF
Jinjuan Pang, Mingwang Zhang, Yuejiao Chen, Zhengwei Huang 22-37
On the spectrum of the option price related to the barrier of the exotic option from the Black-Scholes equation PDF
A. Kananthai, T. Dumrongpokaphan 38-45
A unified framework for the design of efficient fourth order Newton-like methods. PDF
Mostafa Ouarit, Ali Souissi, Mohammed Ziani 46-57
Bayesian Estimation of the Entropy of the Half-Logistic Distribution Based on Type-II Censored Samples PDF
Jung-In Seo, Suk-Bok Kang 58-66
Effect of an Insoluble Surfactant on the Moving Contact-Line of an Immersed Sessile Oil Drop PDF
K. Yulianti, A.Y. Gunawan, E. Soewono, L. Mucharam 67-76
Small Area Estimation with Winsorization Method for Poverty Alleviation at a Sub-District Level PDF
Anang Kurnia, Dian Kusumaningrum, Agus M. Soleh, Dian Handayani, Rahma Anisa 77-84
Modeling Dependence of Asian Stock Markets Using Dynamic Copula Functions PDF
K. Dharmawan, L. P. Ida Harini, I W. Sumarjaya 85-97
Analysis of the political figure fever model with media using epidemiological approach: in case of Jokowi PDF
B. Yong, N. A. Samat 98-107
Negotiation Styles and Outcomes for Payoff Optimum on Value-based Group Design Decision PDF
C. Utomo, F. Murti 108-113
The Model of Mixed Geographically Weighted Regression (MGWR) for Poverty Rate in Central Java PDF
M. Y. Darsyah, R. Wasono, M. F. Agustina 114-121
Calibrating the Rainfall Forecast of the HyBMG Outputs Using Bayesian Model Averaging : A Case Study PDF
Irhamah, H. Kuswanto, G.S. Prayoga, dan B.SS Ulama 122-129
Developing measurement model using Bayesian confirmatory factor analysis in suppressing maternal mortality PDF
B.W. Otok, S.W. Purnami, S. Andari 130-136
Spatial Bayesian Model for Maximum Temperature PDF
Indriati N. Bisono, Andrew P. Robinson 137-144
Comparison of decision tree, support vector machines, and Bayesian network approaches for classification of falls in Parkinson’s disease PDF
Sarini Sarini, James McGree, Nicole White, Kerrie Mengersen, Graham Kerr 145-151
Examining Spatial Effects of Regional Income Convergence in Sumatra Island PDF
S. Halim, Inggrid, I. Bisono 152-157
Comparison of Piecewise Polynomial Smooth Support Vector Machine to Classify Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer PDF
Santi Wulan Purnami, Virasakdi Chosuvivatwong, Hutca Sriplung, Mukti Ratna Dewi, Epa Suryanto 158-166
Utilization of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Method on the Survival Data of Leukemia Patients PDF
N. Abdul Manaf, G. Ibragimov, M.R. Abu Bakar 167-172
Bifurcation Analysis in a Dengue Disease Model with Two Virus Serotypes PDF
Fajar Adi-Kusumo, Aurora N. Aini, A. I. Endrayanto, Gunardi 173-179
Bed Allocation Optimisation under the new Indonesian National Health Insurance (JKN) PDF
A.I. Endrayanto, R.J. Boucherie, N.M. van de Vrugt, T. Lestari, F. Adikusumo, Gunardi 180-185
Obesity Indonesia Children Detection According to Macronutrients by Using Binary Logistic Regression and Radial Basis Function Neural Networks PDF
Brodjol Sutijo Suprih Ulama, Hanny Adiati 186-194
Preliminary Analysis on Dengue Disease Mapping in Bandung, Indonesia based on Standardized Morbidity Ratio (SMR) PDF
F. Kristiani, N.A. Samat, S.B.A. Ghani 195-201
Spatial Distribution Analysis of Dengue Incidence in Makassar, Indonesia PDF
Aswi, Sukarna 202-208
Comparison of Missing Value Imputation Methods for Malaysian Hourly Rainfall Data PDF
Noorhafizah Mazlan, Nurul Aishah Rahman, Sayang Mohd Deni 209-215
Estimation of SO_2 and NO_2 Concentrations in Jakarta-Indonesia Using Cokriging Method PDF
Devy Setiyowati , Sutikno 216-222
Pattern Fabric Defect Detection Using Nonparametric Regression PDF
S. Halim 223-229
Joint Power and Rate Assignment for Downlink Throughput Maximization in Multi-Cell CDMA PDF
A.I. Endrayanto, A.F. Gabor, R.J. Boucherie 230-251
An Implementation of Regression Adjustment Control Chart into Production Water PDF
D. F. Aksioma, Wibawati, J. D. Jayanti 252-260
Allometric Equation Development for Estimating Above Ground Biomass in a Tropical Hill Dipterocarp Forest, Kelantan, Malaysia. PDF
N. S. Aisyah, M. F. Norashikin, B. Ibrahim 261-266
Radiographic Weld Defect Identification using Statistical Texture and Bayes Classifier PDF
Muhtadan, Risanuri Hidayat, Widyawan, Fahmi Amhar 267-274
Semigroup Method for a System Consisting of a Reliable Machine, an Unreliable Machine and a Storage Buffer with Finite Capacity PDF
Abdukerim Haji 275-287
Bayesian Option Pricing Using Stochastic Volatility Models with Fat-tailed Errors PDF
Hongxi Lin, Liang Jiang 288-296