2013, Volume 46, Issue Number: 16

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Table of Contents


Asymptotic Variance of Number of Type I Errors in Multiple Hypotheses Testing PDF
Asta Shomberg 1-9
A new interior point algorithm for solving multicriteria optimization problems PDF
Xiaohui Qian, Dongxu Cheng, Yuhui Zheng 10-17
Dynamic portfolio selection with transaction costs and logarithmic utility PDF
Zhen WANG, Xiangyu KONG 18-29
A Graph Theoretic Approach for Manhattan Channel Routing Problem with General Case PDF
Xianya Geng, Jinshan Xie, Zhenghua Xu 30-37
Fast Fourier Transform Model for Pricing Lookback Option PDF
Cheng Wang, Hailei Zou 38-44
A Deterministic Structure of 2D-Imagery Compressed Sensing Measurement Matrix PDF
Zhen Li, Hong Zheng, Shiting Wang, Wenda Zeng 45-52
Comprehensive Appraisal of Urbanization Quality Using Grey-Fuzzy Approach and Entropy Value Method PDF
Yanhong Cao, Yubing Yu 53-60
Track-oriented Urban Traffic Analysis based on Network Accessibility PDF
Longfei Wang, Hong Chen, Yang Li 61-68
Text Clustering Based on Kernel KNN Clustering Algorithm PDF
Hao Xiong, Sheng Sun, Yunfang Feng 69-75
Performance Analysis of VIX Option Price Models PDF
Chaoping Xu, Shuying Zhu, Yang Wang 76-84
Access Control Based on ABE and IBS for the Cloud Outsourced Data PDF
Shan-shan Tu, Shao-zhang Niu, Martin J. Reed 85-92
SIFT Feature Matching Algorithm with Local Shape Context PDF
Jinqin Zhong, Jieqing Tan, Lichuan Gu 93-101
Stability of Spurious Period Two Solutions of Linear Theta-method PDF
Liqiang Fan 102-110
An Improved BP Neural Network Algorithm and Its Application in Customer Classification PDF
Wang Gensheng 111-118
Simulation Model Based on Agent Technology for Ship Passenger Evacuation PDF
Feng Li, Duanfeng Han 119-126
Capability Evaluation of Introduction-mode Technological Leapfrogging Based on Entropy Value Method PDF
Liping Fu, Zuting Zheng, Juan Li, Yifang Liu 127-133
Performance Analysis of Wireless Link Based on IEEE 802.15.4 in Industrial Environment PDF
Jun Wang, Jingtao Hu 134-141
An Improved Segmentation Algorithm for Medical Image PDF
Hao Zhang, Jiongzhao Yang, Jiangyan Zheng, Guohuan Lou, Yanfei Han 142-150
Possibility Degree Method for Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers and Its Application in Logistics Park Location PDF
Mei Li, Chong Wu, Nannan Li, Yanrong Hu 151-157
A Multi-layer Network Topology Discovery Algorithm Based on Set Operation PDF
Chuanglu Zhu 158-165
A Car Driver Assistance Model Based on Neural Network and Hidden Markov Chain PDF
Yuyan Huang, Jingbo Shao 166-173
Highway Entrance Ramp Control System Research Based on Fuzzy Logic Algorithm PDF
Juan WANG, Feng BAO, Zhen-hui REN 174-182
Finite Element Simulation Analysis of A-shape Super-High Pier Beam Joints PDF
Chunping Tang, Liangliang Zhang , Jingyun Hang 183-189
An Improved LEACH protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Industrial Oil Collection PDF
Jun Wang, Jiancheng Sun, Jingtao Hu, Lihua Shao 190-197
A Method of Constructing Imprecise Sensor Ontology in Semantic Sensor Network PDF
Fawang Han 198-205
Data Mining Analysis for Relationship between Family Support of Nursing Personnel and Job PDF
Yujia Ren , Menglong Li 206-214
An Econometric Analysis on Liquidity Constraints and Chinese Household Consumption Behaviours PDF
He Wei 215-222
A Sensor Deployment Mechanism Based on Data Quality PDF
Bing Yu, Jing Tian, Shilong Ma, Dan Yu 223-230
Application of Multivariable Mathematical Statistical Analysis in Safety Protection of Marathon PDF
Xinbao Wang, Xuemin Zhao 231-237
Finding Optimal Structural Motif in Protein Structures by Network Alignment PDF
Lu-Lu Chang 239-244
Fast Convergent Stabilization and Tracking Controller Design for X-Z Inverted Pendulum PDF
Yinhong Cao, Yongli Wang, Heng Liu 245-251
Hidden Markov Assessment Model of Robot Soccer Stadium Situation PDF
DaZhi Dong 252-259
Cyclic water flooding Numerical Simulation For fractured Sandstone Reservoir and the Permeability effect on water injection PDF
YIN Daiyin, LIU Yingcong 260-269
Neural Network Prediction Model Research of Shuttlecock Competition Based on Data Mining Technology PDF
Guangquan Gao, Wei Gao 270-278
The Application of Vertex-disjoint Paths in VLSI PDF
Zhenghua Xu, Jinshan Xie, Xianya Geng 279-292
A New Class of Ternary Monomial Bent Functions PDF
Guangkui Xu, Jin Xu, Yeguo Sun 293-300
A Sufficient Condition of the Fusion Wavelet Frames PDF
Yudong Ren, Xincheng Zhang, Ying Liu 301-307
Inequalities for unitarily invariant norms and singular values PDF
Limin Zou 308-313
On the regularity for descriptor linear system with fractional order PDF
Dengguo Xu, Jing Chen 314-323
An improved surface tension and wall adhesion model for free-surface flows in the lattice Boltzmann method PDF
Yang Yu, Li Chen, Jianhua Lu, Guoxiang Hou 324-340
Sliding mode H(_infinity) control for semi-active vehicle suspension system PDF
Ning Li 341-348
Parameter identification of Lorenz chaotic system through Quantum Genetic Algorithm PDF
Hongli Zhang, Haili Zhang 349-356
Genetic Algorithm Modeling for Rafting Traffic PDF
Y. L. Zhang, Y. C. Zhang, H. F. Shan 357-365
The analytical solution for the flow and heat transfer of a nanofluid over a nonlinearly stretching sheet PDF
Sun Yina, Si Xinhui, Shen Yanan, Zheng Liancun 366-373
Existence of solutions of saddle point problems on a class of convex sets PDF
Jianhua Li, Yushu Lv 374-380
The Edge Cover Chromatic Index of Halin Graph PDF
Changqing XU, Shue Gao 381-384
Mathematical Model of Basketball Shooting Based on Computer Software Simulation PDF
Chengliang Li 385-393
Zero Dissipative Fourth-order Explicit Hybrid Methods for Solving Second-order Ordinary Differential Equations PDF
F. Samat, N. Ahmat, N. A. Z. Noar, M. Suleiman 394-403
Volleyball Games Prediction and Evaluation Model by Homogeneous Markov Chain Based on Fuzzy Neural Network PDF
Jinglong Ding 404-412
A v–Twin Support Vector Machines based on Minimum Class Variance PDF
Liming Yang, Xiaotong Qin 413-420
Quantile Estimation and Variable Selection of Partially Linear Single-index Models PDF
Yiqiang Lu, Feng Li, Bin Hu 421-437
Wave breaking for a generalized periodic two-component Hunter-Saxton equation with weak dissipation PDF
Wenbin Zhang, Minggang Wang, Jiangbo Zhou 438-453
Improved Retry Patterns method for the Mail Spam Filtering PDF
Li Yun-wei, Yang Hong-xue, Ma Lei, Chang Ying, Wang Jing 454-460
Algorithm for Segmentation of Handwritten Chinese Character Strings PDF
Zhihua Cai, Jiangqing Wang, Yangguang Sun 461-467