2013, Volume 50, Issue Number: 20

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Table of Contents


An Analysis Of Stability And Convergence of A Finite-Difference Methods for One-Dimensional Partial Integro-Differential Equation Using A Moving Mesh PDF
SANGARE Boureima, DIALLO Ouateni, SOME Longin 1-13
An Improved Logistic Model for Cluster Co-agglomeration PDF
Yingchao Zhang, Xiong Xiong, Qidong Zhang, Jianhua Zhou 14-20
Fuzzy System Theory and TAM Model for Factors of User Acceptance to Dating Sites PDF
Zhou Rui 21-28
Domination on Tensor Product of Fan Graphs PDF
Thanin Sitthiwirattham 29-36
Optimal Compensation Rate Appraisal and Selection Based on Data Mining Method PDF
Li Zhou 37-46
Bayesian Analysis on Effect of Industry Structure to Economy Growth PDF
H. Y. Zhang, D. Q. He, Y. F. Guo 47-54
Robust Guaranteed Cost Control for Networked Control System with Actuator Failure PDF
Qixin Zhu, Kaihong Lu, Yonghong Zhu 55-68
Numerical approximation for options pricing of a stochastic volatility jump-diffusion model PDF
R. Aboulaich, F. Baghery, A. Jraifi 69-82
A Fuzzy Controller Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Parallel Automatic Parking PDF
Zheng Guoqiang, Liang Zhao 83-93
Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm for Keywords Frequency Composite Function of Macau’s Gambling Industry PDF
S.H. Wu, Y.D. Shi 94-100
Extended Local-Connectivity on Folded Hypercube with a Large Number of Faulty Nodes PDF
Qing Liu, Hongmei Liu, Runlan Qin 101-108
The polynomial representations for the matrix pair with the sum and product being equal without any constrained conditions PDF
Xiaoxia Feng, Zhongpeng Yang, Hongbin LV, Meixiang Chen, Chenyu Xu 109-117
Solving fixed point problems in unbounded regions via a non-interior path following algorithm PDF
Menglong Su, Li Zhang 118-124
Symmetric Gabor Frames with Several Generators in General Lattices PDF
Lanfeng Wang, Ying Liu 125-131
On An Extension of the Mean Value Theorems of Differentiation of High Dimension PDF
TaiZhong Zhang, YaPing Cheng, RunQing Su 132-135
Image Interpolation with Functional Coefficient Local Polynomial Regression PDF
Liyun Su, Qian Yang 136-145
Numerical simulation of spiral vortex flow with short twist tape insert PDF
Zhou Shidong, Zhao MiaomiaoMiaomiao, Wang Shuli, Zhang Guozhong 146-159
An Adaptive Hyper-Heuristics genetic algorithm for stochastic job shop scheduling problem PDF
Xiu-qing Liu, Xiao-yuan Wang 160-168
Simplified Log-Map Algorithms For Turbo Decoding Based on Taylor Series PDF
Jianping Li, Jian Wang 169-178
A Linear Approximation of Logarithm Based on Least Squares and Interpolation Function for BICM-ID Embedded Turbo Codes PDF
Jianping Li, Jian Wang, Tingting Han 179-188
Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Crowding-density PDF
Zhang Jian-Qiu, Xu Feng, Huang You-Rui 189-199
Viscosity approximation methods for variational inequality problems, fixed point problems of two nonexpansive mappings without commutativity assumption and equilibrium problems with applications PDF
Meng LI, HaiYun ZHOU, QiuMei SUN 200-223
Polymorphic Uncertain Optimization to Renewable Energy Planning in the City Cluster PDF
Huabin Jiang, Zhong Wan 224-237
Location Decision Model of Emergency Material Storage under Disaster Warning PDF
Hualing Lu, Wei Zhang, Deqiang Fu 238-248
Fuzzy Comprehensive Risk Evaluation Model of Major Accidents PDF
Tao Yang, Ya-Ping Xu 249-256
Estimation of heavy metal concentrations in rice using support vector machines and particle swarm optimization from reflectance spectroscopy PDF
Jie Lv, Xiangnan Liu, Yuancheng Huang 257-263
Optimization Design of Working Device of ZL-80 Loader Based on ADAMS PDF
Xingqi YUAN, Quanyun NIU 264-271
The simulation on self-aggregated glycyrrhizin structures PDF
Y. G. Wang, X. X. Dai, X. Y. Shi, Y. J. Qiao 272-279
Synthetical analysis on slope stability of reservoir about unsaturated soil PDF
Xizhong Shen, Wenli Yang, Min Zhang 280-287
A Novel effective wind speed soft measurement model for wind turbine PDF
Ren Haijun 288-294
Parameter Optimization in the Process of Hydroforming Based on Genetic Algorithm PDF
Zhang Yongg, Ge Lijuan 295-301
Experimental Study on Infiltration Time Effects of Mechanical Behaviors of Cement Soil PDF
Chen Sili, Dong Kaihe, Yu Tao, Shi Jianjun, Huang Jie, Zhang Jingyu 302-309
Structural Equation Model of Web Services Business for Tourist Hotel Industry in China PDF
Hao-Chen Huang 310-317
Optimum Control Strategy of Motion for Predator and Prey Based on Quantum Game Theory PDF
CHEN Xiang-zhang, YIN Zhi-hao 318-325
Some Properties of R-dual Sequences PDF
Guochang Wu, Fangjuan Zhang, Huaixin Cao 326-334
Application of Data Mining Technology for the Effects of Modern Pentathlon on the Prevention of Urban White-collar workers’ Occupational Disease PDF
Wenxin Xu, Jiwei Yao 335-343
An Energy-Saving Unbiased Gray-Prediction Algorithm of Internet of Things PDF
Chuiwei Lu, Yunfang Feng, Zhiyuan Liu, Hao Xiong 344-352
Target Discrimination Based on High-Resolution SAR Images PDF
Hongfu Wang, Xiaorong Xue 353-359
Myocardial Function Protection of BMX Players based on Fuzzy Neural Network Model PDF
Li Huang 360-368
Evaluation of Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise International Operation Value Chain Management PDF
Wang Yujing 369-377
Integer Programming Model for Power Grid Evaluation Considering System Peak Regulating Constraints PDF
Dongfeng Yang, Suquan Zhou 378-386
Biometric System based on RFID and Heart Sound Verification PDF
Zhidong Zhao, Jingjia Li, Min Liu, WeiQiang Zhao 387-395
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Fire Safety Risk of Historic Buildings Based on Fuzzy Mathematics PDF
Kanhua Yu 396-405
Qualitative Analysis of Three-Dimensional Competition Model of Chemostat System PDF
Shuke Zhou, Qiuhong Li 406-412
An Image Watermarking Scheme Based on Local Feature Adaptive Filtering PDF
Zhang Xing, Liu Shuai 413-421
A Supervision and Incentive Contract Model of Venture Capital Financing PDF
Yulan Zhou, Sidai Guo 422-430
Surface Image Edge Detection Algorithm based on Threshold Selection via Grey Entropy PDF
Gang Li 431-439
Competitive Dynamic Pricing Model Based on After-sale Service PDF
Yulan Zhou 440-448
Fault Diagnosis of Transformer Based on Dissolved Gases Analysis and Association Rules PDF
Wenjing Zhang, Wei Yao, Donglai Ma 449-457
Competition Results of Male Gymnasts Based on Artificial Neural Network PDF
Xianghon Li 458-466
Coverage Control algorithm based on Ant colony algorithm in wireless sensor networks PDF
Zeyu Sun, Yahui Yu 467-475
Self-Learning Localization with LSSVM Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Dan Dai, Xiaoping Wu, Bin Zeng, Wei Dai 476-484
Robust H∞ Control of Fuzzy Singular Perturbed Systems with Uncertainties PDF
Xuemei Zhao, Caigen Zhou 485-491
New Bounds on the Minimum Eigenvalue of M- matrices PDF
Hua Li, Shu-Ke Zhou 492-498
An Improved Smith-Waterman Algorithm on Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Systems PDF
MengJia Yin, Xianbin XU, Zenggang Xiong, Tao Zhang, Fang Zheng 499-507
Hybrid Glowworm Swarm Optimization for Optimal Tuning PID Controller PDF
Weiguo Zhao, Kui Li, Shaopu Yang, Liying Wang 508-515
Image Retrieval Based on Dominant Color and Spatial Relationship in DCT Domain PDF
Ling Xia, Zhi Peng, Andong Cai, Mei Huang 516-524
Application of Conversion Degree Function and SVM Regression in Precipitation Forecasting PDF
Lili Chen, Hongjun Guo 525-532
Numerical Simulation and Analysis for Permeability of Rock Mass under Hydraulic Fracturing PDF
Wanchun Zhao, Tignting Wang, Chen Wang, Jingbo Zhang 533-540
Evaluation of Satisfaction Index in Public Physical Education Teaching Based on Fuzzy Mathematics PDF
Menglong Li, Yunlong Deng 541-548
Numerical Simulation for Heat- Fluid-Solid of Reservoir Rock under Water Injection PDF
Wanchun Zhao, Tignting Wang, Chen Wang, Jingbo Zhang 549-557
Numerical Simulation of Photovoltaic in DC Micro-grid Experiments PDF
Huichun Huang, Renjie Hu, Zhiwei Lu, Wenxie Yang 558-566
A Method of Binomial Distribution Lower Probability Confidence Limit Solution by Using Newton Iteration Theory PDF
Wang Li, Wan Bo 567-574
RSI Investment Decision Based on Similar Function PDF
WANG Pin, HUANG Hai-ping 575-582
A Hybrid Control Strategy for VIENNA Rectifier PDF
Jiang Zhou, Xiang Lu, Gang Huang, Yiping Zhou, Shile Zhou 583-592
Parameters Identification of Point Spread Function in Noisy Motion Blurred Image PDF
Min Liang, Hong Zhu 593-601
An Image Segmentation Algorithm Converged Edge Color in Measure Natural Scenes PDF
Peng Li, Ling Li, Min Li 602-611
A Clustering Segmentation Algorithm Based on Competitive Mechanism for High-resolution Images PDF
Jingwen Zuo, Yuantao Chen, Yang Zhang 612-620
On Locally Holomorphic Automorphisms of A Class of n+1-Degree Hypersurfaces in C^2 PDF
Yumei Zi 621-627
An Improved BP Neural Network Algorithm Based on Structural Analysis of High-rise Buildings PDF
Fahong Wu 628-636
A Classification Model Based on Improved Reject Subspace Density Covering Algorithm PDF
Yuan Zhang, Yan-ping Zhang, Fu-lan Qian, Qing-wei Shen 637-645
3D Reconstruction of Fruit Tree Stems Based on Improved Matching Algorithm PDF
Wei Yao, Wenjing Zhang, Guifa Teng 646-651
An Improved Localization Algorithm for DV- Hop Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Haohao Yuan, Jianhe Zhou, Jinxiong Chen 652-659
The Generalizations of Schur’s Theorems on The Block Kronecker Product of Hermitian Matrices PDF
Zhixing Lin, Zhongpeng Yang, Xiaoxia Feng, Meixiang Chen 660-671