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2013, Volume 25, Issue Number 2 Persistence of a Swamp Rabbit Metapopulation: The Incidence Function Model Approach Abstract
Jennifer Pajda-De La O, Pradeep Singh, John Scheibe
2010, Volume 17, Number 3 (F10) Physical Properties of Tropospheric Aerosols from a Biomass Burning Episode in Equatorial Southeast Asia Abstract
Mastura Mahmud
2023, Volume 38, Issue Number 2 Phytodiversity According to the Degree of Flammability During the 2022 Autumn Season of the Zarifet Forest (Tlemcen-Algeria). Abstract
S.E-A. Henaoui, M. Regagba
2012, Volume 21, Issue Number 1 Phytoplankton Composition, Abundance and Temporal Variation in Relation to Some Environmental Parameters Abstract
Md. Hadayet Ullah, Md. Azim Ferdous, Md. Riaz Uddin, Md. Atiqul Islam Mondol
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 2 Plant Communities and Ageratina adenophora Invasion in Lower Montane Vegetation, Central Nepal Abstract
L.B. Thapa, K. Kaewchumnong, A. Sinkkonen, K. Sridith
2013, Volume 25, Issue Number 2 Potential Carbon Offset in Public Plantation: Offering Opportunity for REDD+ and Soil Fertility Abstract
Samshul Asheshwar Mandal, Ishwar Chandra Dutta, Pramod Kumar Jha, Samshul Mohammad Haque
2013, Volume 26, Issue Number 3 Potential for Energy Harvesting from Vortex Induced Oscillations Abstract
M. Cohrs, W. Ernst, A. Vaidya
2011, Volume 19, Number 2 (S11) Potential Use of Black Cotton Soil with additives as a Liner material to retain Zinc: Isotherm and Kinetic Studies Abstract
Syed Abu Sayeed Mohammed, Maya Naik
2009, Volume 13, Number 2 (S09) Precipitation Simulation of Tropical Cyclone Vamei over equatorial Southeast Asia Abstract
Mastura Mahmud, T. S. V. Vijaya Kumar
2014, Volume 29, Issue Number 3 Prediction of Ground Water Levels in Uplands of Coastal Tropical Riparian using PSO-SVM Abstract
2009, Volume 14, Number 3 (F09) Predictive Capability of Three Empirical Models in Estimating the Chlorophyll: A Comparative Case Study of Ecosystem Abstract
Harini Santhanam, Amal Raj, S. Thanasekaran
2020, Volume 35, Issue Number 3 Preliminary Investigation on Moths (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) as Pollinators in Urban Settlements of Delhi Abstract
Monalisa Paul, Rita Singh, Sanjay Keshari Das
2013, Volume 26, Issue Number 3 Principle Component Statistical Analysis of Contamination in Indoor Dust at Zarqa City-Jordan. Abstract
Sana’a Odat
2013, Volume 25, Issue Number 2 Promotion of Eco-Innovation to Leverage Sustainable Development of Eco-Industry and Green Growth Abstract
A. N. Sarkar
2014, Volume 29, Issue Number 3 Propagation of Tsunamis over Wetlands Abstract
S. Piche, I. Nistor, T.S. Murty
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 3 Prospects for exploitation of tailing dumps Abstract
Kayerbek Rafkatovich Argimbayev, Maya Olegovna Bovdui, Kristina Vladimirovna Mironova
2020, Volume 35, Issue Number 4 Proximity and confidence in purchasing local food Abstract
M. Toukabri, Z. Ghali-Zinoubi
2010, Volume 15, Number 1 (W10) Quality Assessment of Contour Interpolated Digital Elevation Models in a Diverse Topography Abstract
Arabinda Sharma, K. N. Tiwari, P.B.S. Bhadoria
2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 1 Quantification of Logging Residue and Biomass Generated by an Industrial Plantation Forest in Indonesia Abstract
J. R. Matangaran, H. Rishadi
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 3 Rainwater Catchment System As Groundwater Recharge In Semarang City Residential Area Abstract
Nur Qudus, Sunjoto, Djoko Luknanto, Sudibyakto
2013, Volume 24, Issue Number 1 Readiness for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation under uncertain, national circumstances Abstract
P. Mbile, F. Stolle, G. Boundzanga, L. Mane, J. Loumeto, M. Homb, S. Ifo, B. Ouissika, B. Tessa, S. Poungui, Gervais Itsoua
2010, Volume 17, Number 3 (F10) Reclamation of Coal Mine Spoil Dump through Fly Ash and Biological Amendments Abstract
N. K. Srivastava, L. C. Ram
2020, Volume 35, Issue Number 3 Reconnecting Local Development and Land Quality: Demographic Dynamics and Landscape Transformations in Agricultural Districts at Risk of Desertification in Southern Italy Abstract
G. Egidi, G. Quaranta, L. Salvati
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 2 Recycling of dust-like zinc and iron containing wastes of electric furnace steelmaking Abstract
T.A. Lytaeva, A.E. Isakov
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 2 Reduction of Dust Emission in Transshipping Processes at Sea Ports Abstract
S. Kovshov, M. Barkan
2020, Volume 35, Issue Number 3 Re-examining the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis in India: The Role of Coal Consumption, Financial Development and Trade Openness Abstract
Md Sahnewaz Sanu
2008, Volume 11, Number 3 (F08) Reflection and Transmission Characteristics of Partially Submerged Slotted Wave Screens Abstract
C. Krishnakumar, R. Balaji, S.A. Sannasiraj, V. Sundar
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 2 Reflection of Environmental Awareness in Resource Use Pattern: A Study of Different Socio-Economic Classes of Delhi Abstract
Ishani Gupta, Anindita Roy Saha, Nawin Kumar Tiwary
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 2 Regression Analysis of Dust Formation Processes from Haul Roads on the Coal Open-Pit Mines in Eastern Siberia Abstract
S.V. Kovshov, E.G. Buldakova, A.M. Safina
2010, Volume (Special), 16 Number 2 (S10) Regression Model to Monitor HIV/AIDS Control from Namibia Baseline Data Abstract
Verdiana Grace Masanja, Lischen Haoses-Gorases, Philbert Mugabo
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 4 Regıonal Innovatıve Envıronment in Natıonal Economıc Development (The Case of Russıa) Abstract
D.G. Rodionov, I.A. Rudskaya
2011, Volume 19, Number 2 (S11) Relationship between Industrial Structure and Pollution Density: Evidence from Recent Industrialization in China Abstract
D. C. Tang, Y. Yang
2022, Volume 37, Issue Number 2 Relationship between New Spatial Patterns and Green Architecture Transformations – Focusing Urban Dynamics in UAE Abstract
Iman Abdelshahid Ibrahim
2010, Volume 17, Number 3 (F10) Remote Sensing and GIS Based Approach for Vulnerability Assessment of an Agricultural Watershed Abstract
Arabinda Sharma
2007, Volume 6, Number 1 (W07) Replacement of Information Technologies and Sustainable Development in the Ukraine Abstract
Natali Hritonenko, Sergey Lyashko, Yuri Yatsenko
2022, Volume 37, Issue Number 1 Research on Collaborative Innovation Path of Data Resources for Sustainable Development of Smart City Abstract
Hong yue Wang, Inna I. Koblianska, Xiumin Yan
2010, Volume 15, Number 1 (W10) Reservoir Trap Efficiency Using Artificial Neural Networks Abstract
Vaibhav Garg, V. Jothiprakash
2015, Volume 30, Issue Number 3 Restriction of the Marginal Land Sugarcane Farmers in Indonesia Abstract
M. Fashihullisan, Suwarto, Ravik. K, Darsono
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 4 Revisiting Women-Nature Connection: From Care Ethics Perspective Abstract
Jyoti Kumari, Ajit Kumar Behura, Sarita Kar
2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 1 River Pollution Modelling in Determining the Level of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Using Laplace Transforms Abstract
Nurra Mahadi, Zainal Abdul Aziz, Mahad Ayem
2012, Volume 22, Issue Number 2 Robust Exponential Stability of Switched Linear Systems With Mixed Time Delays Abstract
El Houssaine Tissir
2014, Volume 28, Issue Number 2 Robust H∞ control for uncertain T-S fuzzy systems via delay partitioning approach Abstract
S. Idrissi, E.H. Tissir, I. Boumhidi, Nourddine Chaibi
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 1 Role of Energy Price and Investment in Energy Efficiency Performance of Indian Iron and Steel Sector Abstract
S. Haider, R. H. Ganaie, A.K. Tripathi
2008, Volume 10, Number 2 (S08) Roles of Reflection, Energy Trapping and Secondary Undulations in the Tsunami on Kerala Coast Abstract
T. S. Murty, N. P. Kurian, M. Baba
2014, Volume 28, Issue Number 2 Root Strength Characteristics of Understory Vegetation Species for Erosion Mitigation on Forest Slopes of Mexico Abstract
Laura Sanchez-Castillo, Tetsuya Kubota, Israel Cantu Silva
2018, Volume 33, Issue Number 1 Scientific Accompaniment of Forming of Sustainable Human Potential in the Oil and Gas Arctic Region Abstract
M.L. Belonozhko, A.N. Silin, A.S. Gyurdzhinyan
2023, Volume 38, Issue Number 1 Screening of Post- Harvest Disease Caused by Aspergillus flavus in Coconut, Cocos nucifera Abstract
Rajasekhar Pinnamaneni
2007, Volume 7, Number 2 (S07) Sea-breeze Convergence and Convection over Chennai, India Abstract
Vinod Kumar, A. Chandrasekar, R. Suresh
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 1 Seasonal and Diurnal Variation of Zooplankton in Relation to Physicochemical Parameters of Two Freshwater Pond Ecosystem: A Case Study Abstract
Shiboram Banerjee, Arnab Banerjee, Debnath Palit
2023, Volume 38, Issue Number 2 Seasonal Variation of Water quality and Heavy Metal Pollution Index: A case study Abstract
Diptimayee Dash, Hemanta Kumar Mishra
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