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2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 4 Seaweed Community Structure on Rocky Intertidal Shores of Visakhapatnam coastline, Bay of Bengal, India. Abstract
Vishnupriya Sowjanya, I, P. S. Raja Sekhar
2018, Volume 33, Issue Number 1 Seedling Presence and Growth Pattern of Soil Seed Bank Represents Vegetation Changes after Warming Abstract
K. D. Kim, T. K. Kim
2018, Volume 33, Issue Number 4 Selecting Optimal Conditioning Factors in Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Certainty Factor and A Multi-Class Weight of Evidence Approach Abstract
Putri Fatimah Nurdin, Tetsuya Kubota, Andang Suryana Soma, Seniarwan
2006, Volume 5, Number 3 (F06) Self-Regulation in an Ecology Model of Shared Predation Abstract
Vasyl Gafiychuk, Janos Turi
2008, Volume 11, Number 3 (F08) Sensitivity Analysis of Performance Appraisal Index Parameters of Major Ports Abstract
M.K. Nagaraj, Subhash C. Yaragal, Sakethnath
2012, Volume 21, Issue Number 1 Simulation of coupled groundwater flow and contaminant transport in confined aquifer using meshfree Point Collocation Method Abstract
Mategaonkar Meenal, T.I. Eldho
2014, Volume 28, Issue Number 2 Simulation of the Crushing/Agglomeration Drops For Approach and Development of Dust Control Systems Devices Abstract
Y. Smirnov, A. Ivanov, D. Korelsky
2013, Volume 24, Issue Number 1 Social Organization and Sex Ratio among Four Species of Himalayan Pheasants during Breeding and Non Breeding Seasons Abstract
Mohammad Shah Hussain, Aisha Sultana
2009, Volume 13, Number 2 (S09) Socially Inefficient Use of Pesticides due to Negative Externalities: A Case of Indonesian Rice Agriculture Abstract
Joko Mariyono
2007, Volume 8, Number 3 (F07) Solving Three Problems of Exploration and Engineering Geology by Digital Terrain Analysis Abstract
I.V. Florinsky
2008, Volume 9, Number 1 (W08) Spatial Analysis and Characterisation of Lentic Ecosystems: A Case Study of Varthur Lake, Bangalore Abstract
T. V. Ramachandra
2015, Volume 30, Issue Number 2 Spatial Distribution Of Groundwater Quality In Mafraq Area, Jordan Using GIS and Water Quality Index(WQI) Abstract
Sana’a Odat, Christoph Neukum, Rafig Azzam, Zimmer Dominik
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 2 Spatial Distribution of Trace Element into a Fluvial Urban System in Chennai, India Abstract
S. P. Saravanan, N. K. Ambujam, C. Grosbois, R. Saravanan, K. Manikandabharath, R. H. Rukkumany, M. Desmet
2014, Volume 28, Issue Number 2 Spatial Landscape Analysis of Disturbance Regimes in Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, India Abstract
S. Sudeesh,, C. Sudhakar Reddy
2009, Volume 14, Number 3 (F09) Spatial Variability Analysis of Soil Salinity and Alkalinity in an Endorreic Volcanic Watershed Abstract
J. Arriola-Morales, J. Batlle-Sales, M.A. Valera, G. Linares, O. Acevedo
2007, Volume 8, Number 3 (F07) Spatial Variability and Topographic Factors of 137Cs Soil Contamination at a Field Scale Abstract
V.G. Linnik, A.A. Saveliev, A.P. Govorun, O.M. Ivanitsky, A.V. Sokolov
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 3 Spectroscopy as a Non-Destructive Method to Study Terrestrial Dust Particles: Case Study from United Arab Emirates Abstract
Yousef Nazzal, Fares M. Howari, Fatima Al Aydaroos, Aziza Abdulla Alhammadi, Gheorghe Acbas, Ahmad Yousef
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 4 Stability Analysis and Hopf Bifurcation of Intraguild Predation Model with Holling Type II Functional Response Abstract
M. Adib Jauhari Dwi Putra, Agus Suryanto, Nur Shofianah
2005, Volume 3, Number 1 (MA05) Stability Analysis for an SIR Age-Structured Epidemic Model with Vertical Transmission and Vaccination Abstract
M. El-Doma
2018, Volume 33, Issue Number 4 Stability Analysis of an HBV Model with Delay in Viral Production Abstract
B. N. R. Karuna, K. Lakshmi Narayan, B. Ravindra Reddy
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 4 Status and Breeding Ecology of the Common Coot Fulica atra in Tiffech Lake North-East Algeria Abstract
N. Boukrouma
2007, Volume 7, Number 2 (S07) Structural Analysis of the Impacts of Deregulation on the Amount and Efficiency of Energy Consumption Abstract
Yohannes K.G. Mariam
2020, Volume 35, Issue Number 2 Structural characterization of an exopolysaccharide produced by Lactobacillus plantarum Ts isolated from Bulgarian wheat and rye flour Abstract
Tsveteslava Ignatova-Ivanova, Sevginar Ibryamova, Ismail Ismailov, Hasan Hasanov, Radoslav Ivanov
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 1 Study of Certain Vital Attributes of a Rehabilitation Project at The Dunes Cord of Djelfa –Bousaada in Algeria Abstract
N. Guerrache, L. Kadik, S. Akkouche, R. Bouderbala
2010, Volume 15, Number 1 (W10) Study on the Status and Various Uses of Invasive Alien Plant Species in a Biodiversity Hotspot Zone Abstract
Md. Parvez Rana, Md. Shawkat Islam Sohel, Sayma Akhter
2009, Volume 12, Number 1 (W09) Surface Elevation Changes and Sediment Characteristics of Intertidal Surfaces Undergoing Mangrove Expansion and Mangrove Removal, Waikaraka Estuary, Tauranga Harbour, New Zealand Abstract
D. J. Stokes, Terry Healy, P. J. Cooke
2010, Volume 17, Number 3 (F10) Suspended Sediment Flux in Watershed: A Case Study Abstract
S.H.R. Sadeghi, B. Tofighi
2022, Volume 37, Issue Number 2 Sustainability movements, corporate green disclosure and financial performance Abstract
Nurul Afsar, Mohammad Imam Hasan Reza
2009, Volume 14, Number 3 (F09) Sustainable Development, Economic Growth and Desertification Risk in Southern Europe Abstract
L. Salvati, M. Zitti, T. Ceccarelli
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 4 Sustainable Development of Tourist and Recreational Potential in the EU Countries Abstract
Oksana V. Tretyakova, Natalya I. Nikitina, Alexander N. Novikov
2020, Volume 35, Issue Number 1 Sustainable Production of Lampung Robusta Coffee: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Abstract
Fitriani, Bustanul Arifin, Wan Abbas Zakaria, R Hanung Ismono, Fembriarti Erry Prasmatiwi
2007, Volume 6, Number 1 (W07) Symbolic Solution of Spatial Models for Yellow Fever Urbanization Using Computer Algebra Abstract
G. Juan Ospina, Hincapié P. Doracelly
2020, Volume 35, Issue Number 1 System of Indicators to Measure Eco-Innovation Potential of Ukrainian Regions Abstract
I.I. Koblianska, L.I. Kalachevska, Ye.V. Mishenin, L.I. Mykhailova
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 1 Tailings Development and their Utilization in the National Economy Abstract
Kaerbek Rafkatovich Argimbaev, Henry Alexandrovich Kholodjakov
2007, Volume 6, Number 1 (W07) Technological Change, Equipment Replacement, and Forecast Horizons Abstract
Yuri Yatsenko
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 3 Temporal Changes in Mangrove Forest Coverage and Seasonal Influence on NDVI in Pichavaram Mangrove Forest, India Abstract
P.Pandi Selvam, R. Ramesh, R. Purvaja, S. Srinivasalu
2018, Volume 33, Issue Number 4 Temporal Pattern of Butterfly Distribution in India: A Case Study Abstract
M. Barwa, M.M. Ranga, A. Banerjee
2005, Volume 3, Number 1 (MA05) Terrestrial Vegetation Community Structure and Biomass of the Schirmacher Oasis Ecosystem, East Antarctica Abstract
Khwairakpam Gajananda, H. N. Dutta
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 2 The Accumulation and Distribution of Heavy Metals in Crop Plants at Different Levels of Soil Contamination Abstract
Valentina M. Zubkova, Olga L. Voskresenskaya, Albina V. Gaponenko, Nikolai V. Zubkov, Natalia Y. Belozubova
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 3 The analyze of the employees motivation methods in environmentally friendly organizations Abstract
Peter Karácsony
2009, Volume 13, Number 2 (S09) The Assessment of Man–Made Litter on The Shores of The Dead Sea, Jordan and its Environmental Impact Abstract
Y. Abu-Rukah
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 3 The Building as a Statement of an Artefact: The Mijmara Abstract
B. Yapicioglu, L. Cazacova
2018, Volume 33, Issue Number 3 The Causal Nexus between Oil Consumption and Economic Growth in India Abstract
Haroon Rasool, Masudul Hasan Adil, Md. Tarique
2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 1 The Control of Yellow Crazy Ants (Anoplolepis gracilipes). An Empirical Study Abstract
P.Le C.F. Stewart, G. Richards, A. Bernard, J. Wickenden
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 4 The Development of Corn Farmers’ Entrepreneurial Competencies in Indonesia Abstract
Yuniar Aviati, Ravik Karsidi, Drajat Tri Kartono, Sapja Anantanyu
2021, Volume 36, Issue Number 2 The Economic Growth, Energy, Trade, FDI, Exchange Rate, And CO2 Emissions In Turkey. Fresh Evidence From Combined Co-Integration Test Abstract
2006, Volume 4, Number 2 (S06) The Effect of Assimilation of Satellite and Regular Meteorological Data for the Prediction of a Well-Marked Low-Pressure Over Arabian Sea Using a Mesoscale Model Abstract
V. F. Xavier, A. Chandrasekar, B. Simon
2011, Volume 19, Number 2 (S11) The Effect of Oil Pipeline Vandalization on the Mangrove Vegetation: A Case Study Abstract
E. O. Omodanisi, A. T. Salami, S. O. Oke
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 4 The Elemental Composition of Humic Acids of Sapropels: A Study for Lakes of the Upper and Middle Priobye, West Siberia Abstract
M.P. Sartakov, N.V. Shpynova, I.D. Komissarov, Yu.M. Deryabina
2014, Volume 29, Issue Number 3 The expected sea-level rise scenarios and its impacts on the Kuwaiti coast and estuarine wetlands Abstract
S. Neelamani, Fatma Al-Shatti
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