2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 22

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Table of Contents


Dynamic Optimization of E-Tourism Supply Chain Based on Network Intermediary PDF
Huang Lijuan, Yang Wenjun, Zou Chunfang, Yu Peng 1-10
3D Reconstruction of Historical and Cultural Architecture Based on S-ICP Algorithm PDF
Yonggang Hao, Jianghai Ji, Xuyang Zhao 11-18
A Real-time Prediction Algorithm for Wind Power Generator PDF
Zhikun Wang 19-28
Local Search Optimization of Memetic Algorithm During The Register Allocation in Embedded System PDF
Rui Tao, Yang Li, Wenwu Tian, Jingxiu Cao 29-37
Resources Allocation Optimization Based on Maximize-Weighted Theory Model PDF
Maotong Xu 38-44
A Local Multi-scale Retinex Algorithm based on LIP Model for Enhancement of Color Image PDF
Chen Yan 45-53
Target Contour Location Accuracy Optimization in Fatigue Driving using ASM Matching Algorithm PDF
Qiufen Yang, Huosheng Hu, Weihua Gui 54-61
A Face Recognition Scheme Based on Weighted Face Features and Wavelet Transform PDF
Jia Tang, Dangui Chen 62-70
Weighted Image Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Adaptive Sampling Rate PDF
Qiang Fan, Dongjian He 71-80
A HSI Seasonal Adaptive Method for Forest Monitor Based on Gray Projection Image Stabilization Algorithm PDF
Shaoqing Tian, Nihong Wang, Hong Qi, Hong Hu 81-89
Mathematical Model of Binding Rebar Design of Building Wall Based on Gray Correlation Analysis PDF
Kanhua Yu 90-98
An Improved Real-time Detection and Localization Scheme for Pedestrian Based on Information Fusion PDF
Li FuLiang, You Feng, Zhang Ronghui, Liu Tao, Pei Yulong, Xu Jianmin 99-107
Underground Intrusion Localization and Identification for Distributed Optical-Fiber Sensing Perimeter Protection PDF
Hua Zhang, Xiaoping Jiang, Chenghua Li 108-115
Coordinated Control of Multi-intersectional Traffic Signals in Road Network PDF
Liqiang Fan 116-126
Speech Emotion Analysis and Recognition Based on the PCA Feature Extraction Model PDF
Shiping Ye 127-135
A Packing Remnant Feature Extraction Scheme Based on Graph Theory PDF
Jing Tao, Wei Yang 136-145
Intrusion Detection Scheme Based on Multiple-pattern Matching Algorithm PDF
Jun Huang 146-153
A Rough Sets Based Ranking Algorithm and Its Application in Medical Data Mining PDF
Baowei ZHANG, Hao JIANG 154-161
Sub-regional DV-Hop Localization Algorithm for Dynamic Anchor Nodes PDF
Songhao Jia, Cai Yang 162-170
A Dynamic Bandwidth Request Mechanism for WiMAX PDF
Qingbo Zhang 171-178
Image Visual Saliency Detection Algorithm Based on Local and Global Features PDF
Weigang An, Jinxiao Pan 179-187
A Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Particle Filter PDF
ZHANG Yang, WANG Xin-min 188-195
Application of Gray Neural Network in the Prediction of Slope Deformation PDF
Wangcheng Cao, Zhiyu Liu, Lin Zheng 196-204
Short Text Classification Based on LDA and SVM PDF
Chengfang Tan 205-214
A Data Mining Scheme for Customer Knowledge Management PDF
Zhenhong Xiao, Fayin Wang 215-223
Dynamic Resource Schedule Algorithm in Elastic Data Intensive Computing Cluster PDF
Zhaolei Duan, Xueli Wu, Jianchun Li 224-232
A Visual Word-based Leaf Classification Scheme PDF
Jingjing Wang 233-240
Energy Consumption Economy of Multi-energy Micro-grid based on Exergy Analysis Method PDF
Zhanxin Yan, Junyong Liu, Yang Wu, Lixiong Xu, Li Zhang 241-249
Analysis and Prediction of Hurdle Race Result Based on Multi-Methods Combination PDF
Yanping Tang, Guanghui Li 250-256
Discrete Analysis Methods for Psychological Nursing Care PDF
Yujia Ren, Siyuan Tang 257-265
Optimized Plate Cutting Scheme for Intelligent Manufacturing PDF
Jing Tao, Wei Yang 266-274
Investigation on Perturbed Spectral-Scaling BFGS Method with Nonmonotone Line Search and Its Convergence PDF
Guoping Li 275-283
Google Hacking Defence Based on Honey Pages PDF
Yizhi Ren, Yang Xiang, Ming Xu, Jingyu Hua 284-292
Parallel Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Static Load Balancing Strategy PDF
Shumei Yan, Haiyan Guo 293-301
Generation of Wushu Movements Based on Motion Capture PDF
Guanghui Li, Yanping Tang 302-308
A Reproductive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Data Clustering PDF
Mingru Zhao, Hengliang Tang, Jian Guo, Yuan Sun 309-316
An Improved Bandwidth Detection Scheme Based on Packet Pair Algorithm PDF
Shoujun Tang 317-323
Application of BP Neural Network in Autonomous English Learning PDF
Yuanyuan Tai 324-332
An Image Segmentation Based on Adaptive Color Image and Color Threshold PDF
Weichu Xiao, Weihong Chen 333-342
Multi-scale and Multi-feature High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation PDF
Qiang Zhao, Sheng Zhang, Shuling Huang 343-350
A Differential Data Reporting Scheme for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing PDF
Jinghui Wang, Liang Jin 351-359
Correlation Analysis of SRDA Algorithm and Online Advertising Effectiveness PDF
Bei Ju 360-368
Evaluation of Disaster Degree Based on Fuzzy Variable Model with Combined Weights PDF
Mingyuan Zhang 369-377
Innovative Self-adaptive Composite Wind Turbine with Optimization Design PDF
Xiaodong Chen, Guanxiong Qiu, Qiu Li 378-385
Shortest Path Optimization of the Dijkstra Algorithm on the Rail Transit Cohesion Planning PDF
Hongfei Ding, Shuozhi Liu, Xu Gao 386-394
Analysis of Pile-anchor Supporting Structure Internal Force and Building Settlement around Foundation Pit PDF
Changzhi Zhu, Shijie Wang 395-402