2014, Volume 52, Issue Number: 5

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Table of Contents


A Simple Method to Calculate the Structural Displacement PDF
Lijun YANG, Zhiheng DENG 1-9
Superiority of the Liu estimator over some estimators based on the likelihood loss function in linear regression model PDF
Rong Li, Jiewu Huang, Shenghua Yu 10-20
An Algorithmic Solution for a Single Player Computer Game PDF
Daxin Zhu, Lei Wang, Jun Tian, Xiaodong Wang 21-28
Design and Validation of a Regenerator of Binary Sequences Cryptographically Safe Based on Goppa Codes PDF
Ahmed DRISSI, Ahmed ASIMI 29-40
Using Taylor Approximation Method to Improve the Predicted Accuracy of GM(1,1), GVM, and GM(2,1) PDF
Tian-Wei Sheu, Phuoc-Hai Nguyen, Phung-Tuyen Nguyen, Duc-Hieu Pham, Ching-Pin Tsai, Masatake Nagai 41-54
Chaotic Radial Basis Function Neural Network Model for Prediction of Aero-Engine N1 and N2 PDF
You Gao, Yuli Shen, Keqiang Dong 55-62
Embedding of modules over Noetherian rings PDF
Chonghui Huang, Zhenghua Xu 63-68
The parameter selection of PSO using Lyapunov theory PDF
Qun Jia, Yongxin Li 69-75
Exact Solution of Stokes’ First Problem for Second Grade Fluid on a Permeable Wall PDF
Abdulhameed Mohammed, Rozaini Roslan, Muhathir Muhammad, Ishak Hashim 76-85
A new semi-supervised support vector machine classifier based on wavelet transform and its application in the iris image recognition PDF
Liming Yang, Qiya Su, Boyan Yang, Dan Tong, Xi Xiao 86-93
Statistical Inference of Machinery Fault Classification Based on KS Test PDF
Enuo Chen 84-101
An Intrinsic Characterization of Fuzzy Distributive Lattice PDF
Jiang Guanghao 102-111
The inductive limits and generalized metric properties of paratopological vector spaces PDF
Kexiu Zhang 112-123
Note on the HOMO-LUMO index of a class of graphs PDF
Hongyong Wang, Qin Jiang, Zhenghua Xu 124-131
Influence Factors for the Productivity of Fractured Sandstone Gas Reservoirs PDF
Jiang Shan, Chen Peng 132-138
Control Strategy for Small Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System PDF
Weiliang Liu, Changliang Liu, Huichao Zhang, Yongjun Lin, Liangyu Ma 139-146
Support Vector Machine for Regression Model of Soft Soil Foundation Settlement PDF
Guang Zhang, Xiaoguang Yue, Jingxi Chen, Juan Yang, Jing Wang 147-153
Multifractal Model and its Applications for Metallogenic Elements Grade Distribution Analysis PDF
L. Wan, D. Y. Xie, Y. Q. Zhu, X. C. Deng 154-160
Growing 2D manifolds computation PDF
M. Jia 161-167
Analysis of Gradient Descent Ontology Algorithm in Special Setting PDF
Yun Gao, Wei Gao 168-176
Cost Model and Profit Sharing of Jointly Managed Inventory between Vendor and Retailer PDF
XiaoJuan Sheng, Zhe Wang 177-184
Design and Modelling of a Long-life Short-stroke Solenoid Actuator Using Permanent Magnet Reaction PDF
Q. P. Li, J. Man, Q. B. Li 185-191
The Effect of the Internet on China’s Economic Growth: Evidence from Provincial Panel Data PDF
Liwei Li, Wanxin Xue 192-199
Optimal Design Algorithm for Single-Stage Gas Lift Jet Pump PDF
Wei Luo, Ruiquan Li, Yong Wu, Jian Wu 200-206
Nash Equilibrium of Bilinear Itô-Poisson Stochastic Differential Games PDF
Xiaoqiu Gao, Chengke Zhang, Xiangdong Zhang, Haibin Liu 207-212
Accounting Methods of Greenhouse Gas Emission Generated by Direct Conversions of Organic Matters in Urban Sewage Treatment System PDF
Hongxiang Chai, Boyu Zou, Shiqi Yang, Xuebin Hu, Wentao Yan, Qiang He 213-220
The Fuzzy-AHP Method for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Virtual University from Students’ Engagement Perspective PDF
Fei Li, Jingyao Qi 221-227
Chaos Control Algorithm via Variable Universe Fuzzy Controller in Automatic Gauge System PDF
Hui Wang, Weiwei Zhang, Anan Chang 228-235
Hydrodynamic Model for Heavily Polluted River in Mountainous City PDF
Hongxiang Chai, Hongda Liu, Hao Lu, Yanrong Bao, Shen Li, Jian Zhou 236-243
Application of high-performance normalized cross-correlation algorithm to image registration PDF
Qingwei Zheng, Ziquan Zhong, Jun Zhao 244-249
Mechanism and Analysis of Propagation of Ultrasonic Guided Wave in Rotating Shaft PDF
Xiaoyu WANG, Jun ZOU, Fuji WANG, Ronghua Li 250-256
Thermal Simulation Model for Electronic Device onboard Chinese Space Station PDF
Mincheng Xin, Hanxun Zhang, Ying Liu, Yu Zhang, Peng Yang 257-266
Driving Simulator and Statistical Analysis for Driver Stress Training PDF
CHEN Ying 267-273
Studies on Acoustic Source and Application Algorithms of Acoustic Pyrometry PDF
Yan Chen, KeBao Xu, ShouShan Liu 274-280
Annular Region Statistical Feature-based Recognition of Bearing Rings under Non-exact Positioning PDF
Bo Jin, Lijun Zhao, Shiqiang Zhu 281-287