2013, Volume 42, Issue Number: 12

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Table of Contents


Measure of Departure from Symmetry based on Entropy for Square Contingency Tables with Nominal Categories PDF
Kouji Tahata, Shunsuke Akinaga, Sadao Tomizawa 1-9
On the Ostrowski-like type integral inequality based on the quadratic kernel function with three sections PDF
Jaekeun Park 10-17
Optimal Ratio of Continuous to Categorical Variables for the Two Group Location Model PDF
Philemon Baah, Atinuke Adebanji, Romain Glèlè Kakaϊ 18-26
A Fifth Order Phase-fitted and Amplification-fitted Runge-Kutta-Nyström Method for Periodic IVPs PDF
M. Mohamad, N. Senu, M. Suleiman, F. Ismail 27-37
On Constraint Fault-free Cycles in Folded Hypercube PDF
Shilong Cao, Hongmei Liu, Xiaojuan He 38-44
The Influence of Crime on Economic Growth: Evidence from a Modified Support Vector Regression Model using Direct Search PDF
Dan Li, Zhi Xiao, Reza Torkzadeh, Xin Dang 45-58
Multiple Regression Model for the Determinants Influencing the Travel Agency’ Service Innovation on Customer’ Purchase Intention PDF
Ho Tza Ya, Shang-Pao Yeh, Chich-Jen Shieh 59-69
Calibration of Volatility: Coupling between alternative regularization strategy and Dupire’s Equation PDF
R. Aboulaich, I. Medarhri 70-83
Improvements on Secant Method for Estimating Internal Rate of Return (IRR) PDF
James Matthew Moten Jr., Chris Thron 84-93
Fuzzy Elastic Klein Bottle And Its Retraction PDF
A. E. El-Ahmady 94-102
Simultaneous Lasso and Dantzig Selector in High Dimensional Nonparametric Regression PDF
Shiqing Wang, Limin Su 103-118
The Effect of Number of Units Produced on Performance Measures for MCSP-2-C Continuous Sampling Plan PDF
Pannarat Guayjarernpanishk, Tidadeaw Mayureesawan 119-129
Uniformly Asymptotically Stable Solution for the Impulsive Differential Equations PDF
S. Suksai 130-137
An alternative derivation of some commons distributions functions: A post-model selection approach PDF
Georges Nguefack-Tsague 138-147
Moments And Tails Inequalities of Uncertain Variables PDF
Zhigang Wang, Yiping Fu, Fanji Tian 157-166
Invariance of Rank and Nullity for Linear Combinations of Sum and Product of Generalized Quadratic Matrices PDF
Shuyuan Liu, Meixiang Chen, Xiaoxia Feng, Zhongpeng Yang, Yanping Xie 157-166
Observer-based Synchronization for a Class of Chaotic Systems PDF
Heng Liu, Ning Gan 167-173
Continuous Double Auction Strategy Model in the Poor Information Environment PDF
Bai Yantao 174-184
Finite-time Stability Control for Nonlinear Chaotic Gyros PDF
Zhengfei Wu, Liang Shan 185-192
Pricing Decision of Closed-loop Channel with different Power Structures PDF
Huaige Zhang, Liping Yao, Xianpei Hong 193-205
New Consistency Index for Comparison Matrices and Its Properties PDF
Zhong Wan, Ming Chen, Ling Zhang 206-218
CFD Analysis of the Effect of Inlet Parameters on the Flow in Tangential-inlet Swirl Nozzle for Preparing Nano-drug PDF
Kefeng Xiao, Zhihui Hao 219-229
Non-destructive Estimation of Rice Leaf Area by Leaf Length and Width Measurements PDF
L. S. Chen, N. Yang, K. Wang 230-240
Some integral inequalities of Simpson-like type, Ostrowski-like type and Ostrowski-Grüss-like type PDF
Jaekeun Park 241-248
On y-Wiener index and Wiener polarity index of tensor products of graphs PDF
Jianping Ou, Xing Feng 249-256
Numerical Solution of Nonhomogeneous Backward Heat Conduction Problem PDF
Sufang Yue, Hongmei Zhang, Zongli Ma 257-264
Solving fixed point problems in more general nonconvex sets via a new CHIP method PDF
Hengyanli, Qingqing Liu 265-272
Expected Value of Fuzzy Random Variables PDF
Indarsih, Widodo, Rini Indrati 273-280
On q-Wiener index of some graph operations PDF
Youchuang Lin, Jianping Ou, Yingying Qin 281-285
Propensity Score Matching Model Estimation for College Premium in Urban of China Based on Counterfactual Framework PDF
Min Yan 286-301
Calculation of vapour-liquid equilibrium for LPG based on three-parameter equation of state PDF
B. Zhao 302-308
Application of Mathematical Model for Simulation of 100-Meter Race PDF
Cai Cui 309-316
On the Relative K_2-group of Radical Ideals PDF
Ziqiang Fan, Zhixiang Yin, Guangtian Song 317-323
Electromagnetic Response on a Half-Space Earth with a Positively Skewed Bulge Conductivity PDF
Panyawat Haarsa 324-329
Principal Component Model for Comparative Evaluation of E-Learning System: An Empirical Investigation PDF
Zhou Li, Zhang Ning, Chen Qing-yi 330-336
A novel control strategy with adaptive linear neural network for enhancing harmonics compensation PDF
Zhenfeng Xiao, Xiangtian Deng, Xiaofeng Dou 337-347
Global attractor for a viscous generalized two-component Camassa-Holm equation PDF
Wenbin Zhang, Minggang Wang, Jiangbo Zhou, Xuebing Zhang 348-360
Rainbow connection numbers of line graphs, middle graphs and total graphs PDF
Yuefang Sun 361-369
Sliding Mode Synchronization for a Class of Uncertain Fractional Order Chaotic Systems PDF
Xiaoxia Ma, Bing Hou, Jin Xu, Heng Liu 370-378
Estimation of Granger Causality Verification and Error Modification Model for Empirical Analysis on Risk-Free PDF
Zijian Xie 379-391
Optimization of the evaluation system for PE teaching quality PDF
Jilin Yin 392-398
Chance-constrained Active Index Tracking Model under Skew-t Distribution PDF
Bei Cheng, Zhiping Chen 399-410
Some 2-Generator 2-Groups of Nilpotency Class Two and The Order Classes PDF
Sheila Ilangovan, Nor Haniza Sarmin 411-416
First and Second-order Asymptotics for Operational Risk Based on a Spectral Risk Measure PDF
Wenhua Lv 417-429
The Multi-Goal Path Planning of Lunar Rover Based on Grid Model PDF
Liu Hongyun, Jiang Xiao, Ju Hehua 430-440
Synthesis of Full Human Body From 3-D Scan Data PDF
Yuan Ye 441-451
Numerical Simulation of Calculating Water Direction Using Tracer PDF
Zhou Yazhou, Yin Daiyin 452-462
Application of Fuzzy Analysis Mathematics Method on Optimizing Fracturing Well in Polymer Flooding Period PDF
Yin Daiyin, Zhang Xiaoran, Wang Xueyan 463-473
Radiation Effect on Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Free Convection Flow in a Porous Medium with Newtonian Heating PDF
H Abid, M. N. Zakaria, Samiulhaq, I. Khan, S. Sharidan 474-480
Numerical Simulation for Surfactant Flooding in Dual Media Low Permeability Reservoir PDF
Yin Daiyin, Yuan He, Wang Xueyan 481-490
A Note on Bounds for the Spectral Radius of Brualdi-Li Matrices PDF
Xiaogen Chen 491-498