2013, Volume 45, Issue Number: 15

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Table of Contents


Some new Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for twice differentiable (alfa;m)-GA convex functions PDF
Jaekeun Park 1-11
Variable Selection in Composite Quantile Regression Models with Adaptive Group Lasso PDF
Xiaoshuang Zhou 12-19
Fuzzy Rule Generation based on coWM and FCM Algorithms PDF
Feng Hou, Jin Gou 20-27
Optimistic Multigranulation Rough Set in Incomplete Information System PDF
Sheng Yao, Longshu Li 28-35
Application and Optimization of Multi-physical Field Coupling Technique in ATP Process Dust Control PDF
Fangwei Li , Longzhe Jin 36-43
Response Characteristic of Small Diameter Electromagnetic Flow Meter with 3D Model PDF
LI Ying-wei, XING Kai, YU Li-na, DU Sheng-xue 44-51
Allocation Model and Algorithm of Supply Chain?s Reliability PDF
Guohua Chen, Yarui Zhang, Jihong Pang 52-60
A Combined Forecasting Method of College Employment Population with Differential Evolution Algorithm PDF
Xinjuan Zhang 61-67
A Finite Element Computational Approach to Simulate Excitation of the Nerve Impulse in Axon PDF
Jing Chen, Jianyi Kang, Hui Zhao, Yong Ren, Yu Chen 68-76
MHD and Radiation Effects on Natural Convection Flow in a Porous Medium Past an Infinite Inclined Plate With Ramped Wall Temperature: An Exact Analysis PDF
Z. Ismail, A. Hussanan, I. Khan, S. Shafie 77-86
A Prediction Model of Pigment Formulation for Wood Dyeing based on Improved RBF Neural Network PDF
Xuemei Guan, Minghui Guo 87-94
Optimization of Relative Strength index Expert System Based on Securities Market PDF
HUANG Hai-ping, WANG Pin 95-102
Effects of Sediment Inflow on Reservoir Network for Flood Control PDF
M. K. A. Abdulrahman, A. A. Mohd Ismailand, Sie Long Kek 103-110
American Option Pricing in Fuzzy Random Environment PDF
Shuxia Liu, Enfeng Liu, Liming Huang, Zhaohua Chai, YuJing Chang 111-118
Path of Improving Industrial Technological Innovation Capability PDF
Zuting Zheng, Liping Fu, Juan Li, Yifang Liu 119-125
Improved Predictive Functional Control for Induction Motor Drive System PDF
Fang Xie, Qun-jing Wang 126-133
A Personalized Recommendation System for e-Supply Chain Based on Improved FAT-Growth Algorithm PDF
Huang Li-juan 134-141
A Workflow Scheduling Algorithm Based on Cloud Computing Environment PDF
Xue-min Zhang 142-149
On the Positive Finite Metacyclic 2-Groups and Their Abelianization PDF
A. M. Basri, N. H. Sarmin, N. M. Mohd Ali, J. R. Beuerle 150-155
Application of Boiler-cooler Fuzzy Coordinated Control for Dry-process Cement Kiln and Pure Low Temperature WHRPG PDF
Xiang Zhang, Jidong Lu 156-164
Numerical?Simulation of Cost of Sales in Thermal Power Plants Based on System Dynamics PDF
Shuliang Liu, Juanli Wang, Zhaoying Sun 165-173
A Combined Model for Software Reliability Prediction Based on Neural Network PDF
Faming Gong, Kewen Li, Kang Zhao 174-181
Analysis of the Behavior Decision on Farmers Joining in the Farmers' Specialized Cooperatives PDF
Li Hui, Huang Nanjing, Ye Yijun 182-189
Evaluation of Internal Corporate Governance of State-owned Logistics Companies Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process PDF
Li Zhang 190-197
Analysis of Supply Chain Co-opetition Game under Incomplete Information* PDF
Xianwu Hu, Long Qian 198-206
Performance Evaluation for GEM Listed Companies Based on Support Vector Machine PDF
Junfei Chen, Fan Jiang, Zeyuan Huang, Xian Fu 207-215
Optimization Design of Solar Architecture Flat based on Branch and Bound Method PDF
Xiaofeng Wang, Hongke Wang, Yale Liu, Hui Xiao, Jun Dong 216-221
Rainfall Time Series Exploration via Non Parametric Approach PDF
Ibrahim Lawal Kane, Fadhilah Yusof 222-231
Evaluation and Selection of Corporate HR Management Information System Based on Interval Numbers TOPSIS Method PDF
Li Xiaofei 232-239
Empirical Analysis of Carbon Emissions Influential Factors based on LMDI Decomposition and State Space Model PDF
Lijiang Jia 240-246
Collaborative Filtering Data Sparsity Base on Radial Basis Function PDF
Xingli Liu 247-254
Mechanical Model and Constitutive Equation of a Composite Material PDF
Chang Peng, Ding Yonggang 255-263
Analysis of Operation Mechanism and Optimization Model in Collaborative Logistics Network PDF
Xiaofeng Xu, Jinlou Zhao, Yirui Deng 264-271
Time Series Analysis of Sports Activity?s Influence on Psychological Health based on ARIMA Model PDF
Menglong Li, Yunlong Deng, Renhe Yu , Jian Zhang, Hong Wen 272-279
Evaluation of Psychological Contract Based on Neural Network PDF
Li Yang 280-287
Career Decision-making of Engineering Talented Person based on FEAHP Method PDF
Xinjuan Zhang 288-295
Some Matrix Representations for Dihedral Group of Order Twelve PDF
Z. Yahya, N. M. Mohd Ali, N. H. Sarmin, N. A. A. Mohd Adnan, M. Zakaria, H. Rahmat 296-301
An Intrusion Detection System Based on Intelligent Cluster Activities PDF
Zou Qian, Huajun Wang, Wei Huang 302-308
Characteristics of First-time Homeownership Behavior and Individual Attributes? Effect of Young Adults: a Longitudinal Study Based on Survival Analysis PDF
Yuan Zhang, Yongxiang Wu 309-316
Histon-Based FCM for Medical Image Segmentation PDF
Baowei Zhang, Tong Sun 317-324
Dynamical Modeling and Sliding Mode Control of Inverted Pendulum Systems PDF
Dehui Qiu, Min Rao, Qirun Huo, Jie Yang 325-333
Numerical Simulation of Inner Straight Flute Copper Tube Spinning-Broaching Forming PDF
Shigang Wang, Fusheng Gao, Yueqiang Yu 334-340
Numerical Simulation of Oil-water Distribution in P-1 Block Reservoir PDF
Yining Wang, Xiaodong Wu, Fengpeng Lai, Man Teng 341-348
Combined Mean Reversion Strategy for On-line Portfolio Selection PDF
Li Gao, Weiguo Zhang 349-356
Numerical Simulation of Fountain Solution Transfer Mechanism on Dampening Fountain Roller Surface PDF
Zhang Qin, Cao Guanghui, Xu Hongwei 357-366
Some Properties and Variants of Weighted Sticker Systems PDF
Y. S. Gan, W. H. Fong, N. H. Sarmin, S. Turaev 367-375
Optimal Structural Design of Complicated Mechanical Products based on Data Ming and Muti-level Partitioning Strategy PDF
Xing Han, Jing Tao 376-385
Robust Output Feedback Model Predictive Control for Time-delay Singular Systems via Relaxation Matrices PDF
Dongwen Zhang, Xingguo An 386-394
Intelligent Single Particle Optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization Fusion Algorithm PDF
Peiwu Li, Jia Zhao 395-403
A Local-based Level Set Algorithm with Shape Apriori for Image Segmentation PDF
Weichu Xiao, Weihong Chen 404-412
Fast Parameter Accumulation based Circle Detection of RHT PDF
Lianyuan Jiang, Ruoyu Li, Peihe Tang, Yalan Zhang, Jianbing Jiang 413-420
A Superresolution Algorithm Based on Image Color-Texture Feature Classified Learning PDF
Chenrong Huang, Jiali Tang, Jianmin Zuo 421-428
Trans-log Production Function Model Based on New Energy, Conventional Energy, Labour and Capital as Input PDF
Sidai Guo, Yue Han, Gang Chen 429-438
A Study of Normalization Approach on K-Means Clustering Algorithm PDF
U. Dauda, B. M. Ismail 439-446
A generalized quasi lindley distribution in lifetime analysis and its properties PDF
Wenhao Gui 447-459
Irreducible Representation of an Alternating Group Using Burnside Method PDF
Noor Asma?adny Mohd Adnan, Nor Haniza Sarmin, Nor Muhainiah Mohd Ali, Zainab Yahya, Rahmat Rahmat 460-464
Approximation of the Tail Event for Weighted Sums of Uncertain Variables and Applications PDF
Hao-Hua Wang, Qiao-juan Kuang 465-472
On Non-commuting Graphs of Some Finite Groups PDF
K. Moradipour, N. H. Sarmin, A. Erfanian 473-476
The Evaluation Model of Key Discipline Based on Fuzzy AHP PDF
Qu Xilong, Bai Linfeng, Fugui Chen 477-485