2013, Volume 43, Issue Number: 13

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Table of Contents


Sufficient Conditions for Stability of Shear Flow of Nematic Liquid Crystals PDF
Bagisa Mukherjee 1-6
Vector Auto Regression (VAR) Model for Evaluating how RMB Appreciation Effects on PMI PDF
Li Zhou, Ning Zhang 7-14
A Maximum Entropy Weighted Fact-Finder in Information Network PDF
Sen Hou, Xingguo Luo 15-22
Integrating Fuzzy Systems with Optimization Algorithm PDF
Huilin Ren, Jin Gou 23-29
Edge Detection of Multi-scale Colour Image Based on Neighbourhood Feature PDF
Chengxiang Shi 30-36
Evaluating the Relative Spatial Equity of Education Facilities based on Accessibility Patterns PDF
Liu Guiwen, Wang Lijuan 37-44
A Data Mining Model of Complex System Based on Improved Cluster Analysis Model and Rough Set Theory PDF
Yuanyuan Cai, Liangqun Qi, Chengdong Wang 45-51
Residual Filter Design of Dynamic Feedback Controller Based on Computational Mathematics Model PDF
Jiqing Zhao, Fang Shen 52-58
An Ontology-based Semantic Clustering Algorithm for Accounting Text PDF
Yanhui Jiang, Mo Li, Kaohua Yao 59-67
Vulnerability Assessment of Emergency Logistics System Based on Linguistic Variables PDF
Tong-tong Nie, Xian-long Zhang 68-76
Decision-making of Bounded Rationality for Residents of New Urban in Low-carbon Transport Mode:A Quantitative Analysis of Motivation PDF
Junyan Chen, Huiying Zhang, Shitong Wang 77-84
Risk Evaluation of Underway POL Replenishment at Sea Based on Clustering Algorithm PDF
Xin Mu, Jikun Guo, Chunjiang Zhao, Yongjie Niu 85-91
Dufour and Soret Effects on Free Convection Flow of Nanofluid past a Power Law Stretching Sheet PDF
M.I. Anwar, S. Sharidan, I. Khan, A. Ali, M. Z. Salleh 92-101
Peristaltic flow of Power law fluidin a non-uniform inclined tube: Exact solutions PDF
Obaid Ullah Mehmood, Norzieha Mustapha, Sharidan Shafie 102-109
Heterogeneity of Dynamic Allocation Promotes Cooperation in Networked Public Goods Games PDF
Chi Zhang, Yang Zhao, Minghui Wang 110-116
Pbest-Guided Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Global numerical Function Optimization PDF
Jianfeng Qiu, Yufeng Shen, Juan Xie, Jiwen Wang 117-125
A RBF Network Direct Generalized Predictive Control Based on Tracking Error Adjustment PDF
Yang Zhao, Chi Zhang 126-133
Grey Correlation Model for Competitiveness Evaluation of Cultural and Creative Industries Park PDF
Bingfeng Liu, Huifen Huang 134-140
Fairness Analysis of Mobile Payment based on SET Protocol PDF
Honggang Lin 141-147
Application of Improved Fuzzy RBF Neural Network Algorithm in the Prediction of Wood Dyeing Recipes PDF
Xuemei Guan, Minghui Guo 148-154
Task Allocation of Naval Ship Logistics system based on Auction Model PDF
Feng Li, Duanfeng Han 155-161
Application of Neural Network in Prediction of Knowledge Employees’ Psychological Contract PDF
Li Yang 162-168
Analysis on the Relationship of Financial Revenue, Expenditure and GDP: A Case Study of China PDF
Feng Tianzhong 169-175
Collaborative Decision based on Rough Set in Multi-Agent Intelligent Decision Support System PDF
Yongyong Sun 176-184
The Effect of g-Jitter on Double Diffusion by Mixed Convection Adjacent to a Vertical Stretching Sheet PDF
Nabilah Naser, Aurangzaib, Abdul Rahman Mohd Kasim, Sharidan Shafie 185-192
Equivalent Matrix Representations for Dihedral Group of Order Sixteen PDF
Noor Asma’adny Mohd Adnan, Nor Haniza Sarmin, Nor Muhainiah Mohd Ali, Zainab Yahya, Hamisan Rahmat 193-200
Correlation Analyses of Process Quality Characteristics Based on Time-series Cross-section Approach PDF
Libo Sun, Shunsheng Guo, Xiaorong Huang, Baigang Du 201-208
Real Options Approach Used in Mining Investment Decision Based on Improved Trinomial Tree Model PDF
Qinghua Gu, Qiong Wu 209-216
A Sudden Public Health Incident Emergency Decision-making Method under Fuzzy Language Environment PDF
Chenchen Liu, Zhuyan Shao 217-223
An Entropy Method for Fuzzy Group Decision-making Problems under Fuzzy Random Information PDF
Gao Yan 224-231
An Information Security Risk Evaluation Scheme Based on OWA Operator and Grey System Theory PDF
Shichao Ye, Kehe Wu, Long Chen 232-238
H_infinity State Feedback Controller Design of Markovian Jump Descriptor Systems with Partial Transition Rates PDF
Chang Hua, Fang Yang-wang, Lou Shun-tian 239-247
Community Detection Algorithms Using Modularity on Function Call Network of Software PDF
Yang Guo, Zhengxu Zhao 248-254
Stability Analysis of Networked Control System PDF
Zijian Dong, Yongguang Ma, Wei Peng 255-263
Network Calculus Based on Priority in Self-Similarity Flow PDF
Li Qing-hua, Cao Hong, Wu Yu-feng, Xia Zhuo-qun 264-270
A Similarity Measures Algorithm for CBR Based on Matrix Iterative Learning PDF
Lichcuan Gu, Zhiwei Ni, Zhang Jun Wu 271-280
Multiscale Localized Differential Quadrature Approach in Wave Equation PDF
Hui Ting Cheong, Su Hoe Yeak 281-292
Common-Crossing and Persistent Splicing Systems PDF
Fariba Karimi, Nor Haniza Sarmin, Fong Wan Heng 293-296
Value-at-Risk Modelling for Risk Management of RMB Exchange Rate PDF
Li Zhou, Ning Zhang, Qing-yi Chen 297-304
Statistical Model for the Relationship between Knowledge, Ability, Strategy of Start-ups and Their Competitive Advantages PDF
Bo Yang, Weiguo Zhang, Yuexuan Feng 305-317
Numerical Modeling for Enhancement of Oil Recovery via Direct Current PDF
X. J. Jun, Y. Y. Zi 318-326
Lung Segmentation Of X-Ray Thorax Image Using Geometric Active Contour And Analysis Of Histogram Equalization Filtering PDF
Mokhamad Amin Hariyadi, Mochamad Hariadi, I Ketut E. Purnama, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo 327-335
Are Monetary Aggregates Controllable In China? Researches Basing on the Dynamic Process of Monetary Supply PDF
Anzhong Huang, Liqian 336-348
Analysis of multiple periodic solutions for second-order p-Laplacian difference systems PDF
Kaihong Zhao 349-356
Network centrality analysis in customer collaborative product innovation design process PDF
Li Fei, Yang Yu, Su Jia-fu, Xie Jian-zhong 357-367
High-resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Method with A Combination of spectrum, texture and shape Features PDF
Liang Huang, Xiaoqing Zuo, Xueqin Yu, Shuigu Lu 368-378
Almost periodic solutions of abstract differential equation with impulse and time delay in Banach space PDF
Lili Wang, Yanqing Shi 379-386
Anti intuitionistic fuzzy subgroup and its homomorphic Image PDF
Menglei Lin 387-391
Explicit Formulas of Average Run Length for ARMA(1,1) PDF
S. Phanyaem, Y. Areepong, S. Sukparungsee , G. Mititelu 392-405
A Simulating Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Networks for Knowledge-Intensive Industry in China PDF
Qi Gao, Taoyong Su, Xinghui Lie 406-419
Analysis of Means and Variances for Development of Ceramsite from Semi-dried Sewage Sludge and Clay PDF
WEI Na 420-430
Game Strategy Selection and Pricing Decisions in Closed-Loop Channel PDF
Xianpei Hong, Lijun Yang, Huaige Zhang 431-442
Noise Radiation Characteristics and its test Methods PDF
Zeng Xianren 443-451
A Novel Word Sense Disambiguation Algorithm Based on Semi-Supervised Statistical Learning PDF
Zhehuang Huang, Yidong Chen, Xiaodong Shi 452-458
The new travelling wave solutions for a class of nonlinear partial differential equations PDF
Zhimin Ma, Yuhui Sun 459-469
Pricing Strategy Model in Duopoly Market for Web Service Integrator PDF
Zhong Wu, Gui-hua Nie, Donglin Chen 470-477
An Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Scheme for Aeroelastic Systems PDF
Wei Xiang, Xiejin Liu, Heng Liu 478-485