2013, Volume 48, Issue Number: 18

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Table of Contents


Statistical Analysis as Approach to Reliability Testing of Thermal properties in Building Insulation PDF
Anna Antonyová, Peter Antony, Endra Joelianto 1-14
Remove and Redistribute the Control Points for Bezier Curve Approximation PDF
Jumei Zhang, Honglun Wang 15-23
Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-based Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Environment PDF
Chengfeng Jian, Chunxia Pang, Fang Li 24-30
A Synchronization Scheme for Image Compression and Encryption Based on SPIHT PDF
Changjiu Pu 31-39
Interpersonal Relationship Networks Searching Based on ACO and Food Odor PDF
Ming Fu, Shishu Yin, Zizhen Zhang 40-48
Color Multifocus Image Fusion Based on a New Pixel Visibility Measure PDF
Hailiang Shi, Ying Li, Xiaopeng Xu, Weiwei Zhao 49-56
The p(.)-obstacle problem for quasilinear elliptic equations in Sobolev spaces with variable exponent PDF
A. Baalal, A. Qabil 57-67
Numerical Simulation of Aerospace Microminiaturization Decelerator Transmission Scheme Selection and Structural Design PDF
Xiangyang Jin, Heteng Wang, Lili Zhao, Zhihui Sun 68-74
Star Acquisition Algorithm for Star Images with Complicated Backgrounds PDF
Hua Zhang, Xiaoping Jiang, Shaobo Chen 75-82
Numerical Simulation of Power Loss of Bearings in Minicar Drive Axle PDF
Wangping Wang, Yimin Mo, Chaoyin Liu, Tingzhi Chen 83-90
Extended Multi-channel Pulse Coupled Neural Network Model PDF
Yaqian Zhao, Qinping Zhao, Aimin Hao 91-98
Application of Grey Relational in Analysis Work Satisfaction of Nursing Personnel and Influencing Factors PDF
Chunyan Li, Siyuan Tang 99-107
Some Generalized Inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard Type for Geometric Arithmetrically Convex Functions PDF
Jaekeun Park 108-117
Econometric Analysis of the Hidden Links between Trade Openness and Financial Openness PDF
Jianjun Xu 118-127
A Robust Watermarking Algorithm for Medical Volume Data Based on Hermite Chaotic Neural Network PDF
Baoru Han, Jingbing Li 128-135
Decision-Making Analysis on Urban Transportation Planning Based on Improved GRA Model PDF
Wei Liu, Yongan Bao, Changxin Xu 136-142
Numerical Characteristics analysis of Cloud Model and Its application to Random IOT Security Risk Assessment PDF
Ruijuan Zheng, Zhengchao Ma, Qingtao Wu, Mingchuan Zhang 143-153
Collective Intelligence for Electric Power Knowledge System PDF
Zixuan Guo, Xuemiao Xu, Guorong Xiao 154-162
Unique existence of almost periodic solution of bidirectional associative memory neural networks PDF
Meng Hu 163-171
Prediction of Lycopene Content in Late Mature Tomato Based on NIR Spectroscopy and siPLS PDF
Li Tianhua, Shi Guoying, Wang Jianmin, Wei Min, Hou Jialin 172-180
Discovery of Relevance between Location and Topics of Micro-blogs PDF
Ming Xu, Jianping Wu, Yiman Du, Yunpeng Xiao 181-191
Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Feature Selection of Vibration Signals of the Ball Mill PDF
Lijie Zhao, Xue Feng, Jingyu Li, Decheng Yuan 192-198
An Attitude Calculation Method for High Spin Flight Body PDF
Zhijian Liang, Tiehua Ma, Xiaojiang Zhang 199-207
Extraction Algorithms on Weld’s Defect Based on Digital Subtraction Angiography Algorithms PDF
Peng Wang, Jing Wang, Zhigang Lv, Ying Xu, Weidong Du 208-215
Symmetric Solution of Fuzzy Linear Systems Using Probability Density Function PDF
Khabat Barzinji, Normah Maan, Nor’aini Aris 216-229
Aero-engine Health Management Strategies Based on Parameters Information Modelling PDF
Zhirong Liu, Rui Zhu 230-237
A Stock Recommendation Algorithm base on the Trading Behavior of Stock Investors PDF
Songhe Jin, Tong Sun, Baowei Song 238-244
Application of Interpolation Method and Exponential Regression Method in Analysis Lactate Threshold of Boxers PDF
Chaoxin Wang 245-253
An Efficient Algorithm for Dynamic Storage Allocation in Cloud Computing Environment PDF
Wen-hui LIN, Zhen-ming LEI, Jun LIU, Fang LIU, Gang HE 254-262
Detecting Multi-path Based Communities in Complex Networks PDF
Lin Ren, Guo-Hua Zhou 263-271
Dynamics and Hydrodynamics Mathematical Model for the Table Tennis Hitting Process PDF
Yejun Zhan 272-279
Construction of Global Farmland Area Change Model and Future Change Prediction PDF
Wang Chengjun, Fei Ximin 280-289
Information Processing Based Thermal Error Modelling for A Machine Tool PDF
Rui Zhu, Zhirong Liu 290-297
Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in Ultrasonic Aided Hot-Dip Aluminizing by FLUENT PDF
Zongwei Niu, Xiuting Wei, Zhiyong Li, Li Li, Hongfu Liu 298-306
A Traffic Classification Algorithm Based on Neural Network PDF
Wengang Zhou, Leiting Chen, Bic Lubomir, Shi Dong 307-315
Performances Prediction of Alumina Ceramics Layer by Micro Arc Oxidation Based on Artificial Neural Network PDF
Zongwei Niu, Xiuting Wei, Zhiyong Li, Li Li, Dongshan Zhao 316-324
Exponential synchronization of a class of fuzzy recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays and impulses on time scales PDF
Kaihong Zhao, Ping Gong, Liwenjing Wang 325-338
Dynamic Financial Distress Prediction Based on Rough Set Theory and EWMA Model PDF
Xinzhong Bao, Qiuyan Tao 339-346
Wind Speed Forecasting Based on Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization Support Vector Machine PDF
Yuhong Zhao, Xuecheng Zhao, Heping Hu 347-355
An Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Continuous Domain and Its Convergence Analysis PDF
LIU Wen 356-363
Short-term Load Forecasting based on Support Vector Machine Optimized by Catfish Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm PDF
Xiaoyan SHi, Zhenbi Li 364-372
A Bandwidth Request Algorithm Based on Chaotic Prediction Model for Broadband Multimedia Satellite Networks PDF
Houtian Wang, Qi Zhang, Xiangjun Xin, Yongjun Wang 373-379
An Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Scheme For a Class of Uncertain Chaotic Systems with Unknown Time-delay PDF
Wei Xiang, Xiejin Liu, Ning Li 380-387
A Security Evaluation Model for Information System PDF
Chunying Wang, Jun Zhang 388-396
Liquidity Risk Measurement of Commercial Bank based on EGARCH-POT Model PDF
Liang Wang, Chongzhen Huang 397-404
Photoelectric Navigation for a Ward Inspection Robot PDF
Dazhi Huang, Zhuozhuo Wang 405-413
Option Valuation based on Fuzzy Theory in Risk Management PDF
Shuxia Liu, Weili Xu, Jinzhu Hou, Min Zhao, Qinghong Sun 414-422
Numerical Modelling and Parametric Analysis of Energy Consumption during Single-pass Hot Rolling PDF
Mao Tan, Bin Duan, Youzhi Li, Xiao Zhou 423-432
Admissible estimators in linear model with respect to equality constraints under a balanced loss function PDF
Jiewu Huang 433-439
The Delay-dependent Design Method of State Time-delay Feedback Controller for Uncertain Fuzzy Time-delay Systems PDF
Han-Liang Huang 440-448
Differential Evolution Algorithm for Power System Computing Platform PDF
Ming-yang YU 449-460
The Application of Grey Comprehensive Evaluation Model in the Sports Industry Research PDF
Jinming Xing, Yong Jiang, Wenxue Yuan, Liqing Liu 461-468
Optimal Control Model of Short-Distance Competitive Swimming PDF
Aimin Guo, Xin Shu 469-476
Analytical Expression of Average Run Length for Exponential CUSUM PDF
Y. Areepong 477-486
A Statistical Cointegration Model for Relationship among Current Accounts, Foreign Exchange Markets and Stock Markets PDF
Chen-Yin Kuo 487-503
Image Improved Annotation and Retrieval Algorithm Based on Relevance Feedback PDF
Juan Wang, Huajun Wang, Yinghao Li, Hairui Chen 504-513
An Improved Method of Discrete Point Cloud Filtering based on Complex Environment PDF
Fengjun Hu, Yanwei Zhao 514-522
Electromagnetic Response of Complex Resistivity Body Based on Volume Integral Equation Method Under the Concave Terrain PDF
Jianping Li, Haiyang Peng 523-531
An EEMD Signal Processing Method Realized via GPU and CPU PDF
Xiaojun Zhu 532-540
Kanai-Tajimi Model for the Detection Seismic Responses of Suspension Bridges PDF
Wei Zhang, Liangliang Zhang, Qi Li 541-549
Hybrid PSO Based K Nearest Neighbor Classifier for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis PDF
Xiaoxia Wang, Liangyu Ma, Tao Wang 550-558