2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 23

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Table of Contents


Application of Fuzzy Neural Network in Constructing A Taichi Chuan Action Characteristic Model PDF
Jiwei Yao, Wenxin Xu, Xiushi Ding 1-9
Cross-correlation Modelling of Civilian Air Traffic Controller’s Core Skills by Fluctuation Analysis PDF
Heng Xiang 10-16
Centroid Localization Algorithm with Dynamic Multi Center Reference Nodes PDF
Songhao Jia, Cai Yang 17-25
Evaluation of Urban Stadium Performance Based on Data Envelopment Analysis PDF
Zhenglei Zhang 26-34
Simulation of Net Profit in Thermal Power Enterprises Based on System Dynamics PDF
Shuliang Liu, Juanli Wang 35-43
A Edge Detection Scheme Based on Image Euclidean Distance Maps PDF
Peng Li, Ling Li, Min Li 44-52
Phase Noise Extraction and Frequency Difference Elimination Algorithm PDF
Changqing Xia 53-61
Hybrid Dynamic Clustering Algorithm in Audit Sampling PDF
Yinbo Feng 62-69
Divided Range Multi-Objective Particle Swam Optimization Algorithm in Economic Management Optimization PDF
Hao Zheng, Xiang Zhao 70-78
Hydrothermal Fluid Dynamics Model for Tectonic Dynamics PDF
Chen Zhang, Hao Huang, Qigui Mao, Suihan Cheng, Yike Zhang, Fei Yao, Yue Dai 79-87
Factor Analysis of Environmental Pollution Detection PDF
Jiao Sheng, Shumei Yan, Xian Feng, Guihua Zeng 88-96
Optimization Model for Automatically Change of Phone Learning PDF
Qiufen Yang, Canjun Li 97-105
A Massive Data Reduction Scheme Based on Improved Hausdorff Distance PDF
Shuzhi Nie, Bangyan Ye 106-114
ANN-based Analysis of Operation Strategy for Large-scale Public Football Field PDF
Chaoxin Wang 115-123
Integral Predication Model in Enterprise Performance Evaluation PDF
Yinbo Feng 124-130
Dam Emergency Shelters Selection Based on GIS PDF
Mingyuan Zhang 131-139
Linear Regression Models of Marine Traffic Flow PDF
Yao Liu 140-147
A Data Mining Method for Fashion Design to Evaluate Consumers’ Emotional Preference PDF
Jia Lü, Dongsheng Chen, Yue Sui 148-155
Harmonious Evaluation Index of Economy-Environment Composite System using Genetic Algorithm PDF
Chao Rao 156-164
A New Transformation of Extended Chained Form PDF
Shunjie Li 165-172
Weather Resistance Algorithm of Exterior Wall External Insulation of Foam Glass PDF
Wanghu Sun, Lingling Xiong 173-179
A Segmentation Algorithm for Lung Tumor CT Image PDF
Jingjing Yang, Xiao Zhang, Zhanfu Wu, Benzhen Guo, Lun Yang 180-186
Optimal Control of DC/DC Converter Using Improved Model-free Adaptive Control Algorithm PDF
Qiang Zhao, Chang Cui 187-195
An Improved Multipath Mitigation Algorithm for Navigation System PDF
ZHANG Yang, WANG Xin-min 196-203
Fast Local Contrast Enhancement Using GPU Computing in Ultrasound Image PDF
Yang Wang, Changyong Deng, Bo Peng 204-211
An Efficient Provable Security Identity-based Proxy Aggregate Signature Scheme PDF
Lei Guo, Defa Hu 212-222
Searchable Deterministic Encryption against the Keyword Guessing Attack by Outside Attacker PDF
Liu Zhiyuan, Liu zhenghua 223-228
Option Evaluation Approach with Continuous Fuzzy Volatility Variable in Risk Management PDF
Shuxia Liu, Weili Xu, Zhaohua Chai, Haibin Liu, Jing Wang 229-236
Active Sliding Mode for Synchronization between A Fractional-order Chaos and Integer-order Liu System PDF
Rui-xin Wang, Bin Wang, Yuan-gui Zhou, Wei-yu Wang 237-245
A Video Image Analysis System for Tunnel Lighting Automatic Control PDF
Huang ke, Weng ji 246-253
A Mean Shift Video Tracking Algorithm Based Haar-like Feature and Color Feature PDF
Lei Guo, Junfeng Wu 254-262
Damaged Monuments Reconstruction Based on 3D Vision PDF
Xiaofen Wang, Yanzhen Wang, Kai Lu 263-271
Empirical Analysis of Regional Development Level Based on DEA Model PDF
Zhijun YANG 272-280
Application of Automata Theory in Drilling Simulator PDF
Zhang Jing, Chen Xiao-jun, Chen Zhi, Ren Xue-mei 281-287
Correlation Analysis of Oil-Water Based on PSO and SVM PDF
Tian Jing-jing 288-295
Empirical Analysis of Influence Concerning Fiscal Expenditure on Consumption of Residents PDF
Wang Zai-tang, Wang Rui 296-302
Local Scale Characteristics Analysis on the Geomagnetic Diurnal Variation PDF
Chao Niu, Xiaoniu Zeng, Yihong Li, Xiaojun Yang, Daizhi Liu 303-310
A Measuring Method of True Position under Pattern of Holes as A Datum PDF
Shuang Zhang, Jingang Gao, Hua Wang 311-316
A MBD Procedure Model Based on Machining Process Knowledge PDF
Linlin Liu, Rong Mo, Neng Wan 317-324
An Improved Multi-objective Algorithm for Flow Allocations in Logistics Preference Paths PDF
Xin Zhang, Dingzhong Tan 325-330
Strategic Decision of Competing Supply Chain Networks with Random Demands PDF
Qinghong Zhang, Kai Kang, Li Yang 331-339
An Extended Kalman Filter Approach Based on Error Factors for InSAR Phase Unwrapping PDF
Man Yan, Yongquan Liang, Lifen Wang 340-346
Degradation Prediction and Reliability Evaluation based on Hilbert-Huang Transform and Time Series-Grey Analysis PDF
Li Wang, Chongchong Yu, Xiaoyi Wang, JipingJiping Xu 347-356
Two-layer Pulse Coupled Neural Network Model for Image Fusion PDF
Yaqian Zhao, Qinping Zhao, Aimin Hao 357-365
Impact Point Coordinates Measuring Algorithms and Error Simulation Based on A Double M Shape Multiple Light Screens Array PDF
Bin Feng, Xiangzhong Meng, Yuan Sun 366-374
Finite-element Analysis of Soil Failure Mechanism During Installation of Suction Caisson Model in Silt PDF
Guangming Cheng, Menglan Duan, Yang Wang, Xinhu Zhang, Chenggong Sun 375-383
Linear Discriminant Relationship Analysis between All Classes and Class Specified for Face Recognition PDF
Xuegang Wu, Yuan Yan Tang, Bin Fang, Zhaowei Shang, Changyuan Xing 384-392