2013, Volume 51, Issue Number: 21

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Table of Contents


Vector Autoregressive for Assessing Relationship between Inflation, Interest Rate and Money Supply PDF
E. Sumarminingsih, W. H. Nugroho 1-10
Application of Grey Model for the Labor Costs of Chinese Construction Industry PDF
Yanbo Liu, Yanbo Diao 11-23
Positive solutions of second-order periodic boundary value problems with singularities PDF
Li Liang, Jianqiang Sun, Shengjun Li 24-30
Provably Secure Certificate-based Signature Scheme Without Pairings PDF
Rufen Huang, Qiang Nong 31-42
Paths in Enhanced Hypercube with A Large Number of Faulty Nodes PDF
Qing Liu, Hongmei Liu, Runlan Qin 43-51
Impact Factor Analysis of Urban Leisure Sports Development Based on Principal Component Analysis PDF
Bing Zhang, Yan Wang 52-59
Feature Confidence Guiding Incremental Learning Algorithm of Bayesian Network PDF
Songhao Jia, Cai Yang 60-66
Linear Feedback Control of Incommensurate Fractional-order Financial System PDF
Zhengfei Wu, Quanbao Ji 67-74
A Novel Semantic Role Labeling model based on Statistical Semi-Supervised Learning PDF
Zhehuang Huang 75-81
Support Vector Machine Model for the Key Issues of Parameters Selection PDF
Xilong Qu, Hao Zhongxiao 82-90
Mobile Robot Monte Carlo Localization Based on Improved Local Invariant Feature Extraction Algorithm PDF
LIU Dongbo, Hao Zhongxiao, XIAO Peng, LIU Changsong 91-100
Application of AHP-DEA-FCE Model in College English Teaching Quality Evaluation PDF
Mei Luo 101-108
Sparsity Oracle Inequalities for Lasso and Dantzig Selector in High-Dimensional Nonparametric Regression PDF
Shiqing Wang, Yan Shi, Limin Su 109-120
Stitching of Arbitrary Parametric Surface Patches with G1 Continuity Using B-splines PDF
Lan Wu, Ali Akgunduz 121-130
Lifetime Optimization Model for Network Coding Technology in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Zhang Wei-sheng 131-139
Performance Evaluation of Supply Chain Ecological Sustainable Development Based on Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers Similarity PDF
Lei Wen, Yachao Shi 140-147
Application of Gray Correlation Theory for the Impact Factor Analysis of the Integrative Development of the Sports Industry and Tourism Industry PDF
Bing Zhang, Duo Tang 148-155
Verifying KSY Condition By Elementary Matrix Transformations PDF
Jinao He, Lei Huang 156-161
A Novel Iterative Combining-Equalization Algorithm Based on MMSE Criterion for Solving ISI and deep fading Problems PDF
X. Y. Ye, M. Gao, S. Y. Zhang, G. C. Huang 162-171
Effective Minimal Spanning tree using Fuzzy C- means based on Kernel function in data analyzing PDF
S. Senthil, R. David Chandrakumar 172-185
Statistical Methods for Evaluation of Geochemical Baseline Levels of Some Toxic Elements in Surface Soils PDF
L. H. Sun 186-194
Forecasting Seasonal Long-memory Stochastic Volatility PDF
A.C. Gonzaga 195-204
The Optimal Dynamic Portfolio Model Based on High-Frequency Data PDF
Xing Yu 205-213
The Capacity Planning of Intensive Care Units via Simulation: A Case Study in University Hospital PDF
Z. F. Antmen, S. N. Oğulata 214-235
A Method for Land Price Forecasting Using Support Vector Machine PDF
C. F. Liu, Y. S. Qian, W. B. Zhao, M. Wang 236-243
An optimization method for genetic algorithm about scheduling cloud computing resource PDF
Kang Yanfang, Nie Guihua, Ma Mingming 244-253
The Improvement of Fuzzy Cluster Analysis Algorithm in Data Mining PDF
Xiaogang Xia, Yunfeng Yang 254-261
Intraday Volatility Dynamic between Stock Index and Index Futures in China PDF
Yu Zhen, Wang Susheng 262-270
Positive Solutions to a Second-order Multi-point Integral Boundary-value Problem PDF
Dongyuan Liu, Huilan Wang 271-279
Wiener Indices in Two Types of Random Polygonal Chains PDF
Hongyong Wang, Zhenghua Xu, Qin Jiang 280-292
The Competitiveness Evaluation and Empirical Research of Sports Tourism Industry for China's City PDF
Bing Zhang, Song Gao, Jianjun Zhang, Quanhong Zeng, Ming Li 293-300
Application of Delphi-AHP-TOPSIS Model in Evaluation of Undergraduate Dissertation in English Majors PDF
Mei Luo 301-309
Application of Cluster Analysis and BP Neural Network for Aerobics Athletes Achievement Evaluation Model PDF
Lu Liu, Guanchen Zhou, Feng Li 310-318
Wavelet Linear Density Estimation Under Dependence PDF
Mohammed BADAOUI, Noureddine RHOMARI 319-327
MacWilliams identities of a class of quaternary linear codes with respect to the complete weight enumerators PDF
Heqian Xu, Wei Du, Xiaojuan Cao 328-333
Some identities related to Dedekind sums and the Chebyshev polynomials PDF
Xiaohan Wang, Di Han 334-339
A novel fault location method for electrical distribution systems based on characteristic frequencies PDF
Jinrui Tang, Xianggen Yin 340-348
Ultrasound Image Enhancement using Pattern-Matching Techniques PDF
Yang Wang, Hongying Wang, Bo Peng 349-355
Existence, Uniqueness and Exponential Stability for Stochastic Fuzzy Age-dependent Capital System PDF
Fangfang Shen, Qimin Zhang, Hongfu Yang, Yongzhen Pei 356-373
Simplifying Criterions for Polynomial Equations in Triangular Form PDF
Jinao He, Lei Huang 374-379
Improved D-S Evidence Theory for Evaluation Study on Training of 100m Sprint PDF
WU Jiang 380-387
Image reconstruction technology based on hybrid image-cut and gradient algorithm PDF
Han Li, Wang Jie 388-395
Simple Backstepping Control Design for the Rotor - Side Converter of a DFIG Wind Turbine Generator PDF
Le Ngoc Giang, Liu Kaipei 396-405
Streamline Numerical Simulating for Remaining Oil Distribution Law of Weixing Oilfield PDF
Zhou Zhijun, Zhang Wei, Huang Zeming 406-414
Solving the Inverse Problem of Option Pricing Based on a Black-Scholes Model Using a Regularized-Gauss-Newton Method PDF
Yitong Han, Minghui Jiang, Yong Chen, Yixin Dou 415-420
Two-step Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Based on Soft and Hard Combination for Cognitive Radio PDF
Huiheng Liu, Wei Chen 421-428
Perfect Matching Essential Edges in Balanced Bipartite Graphs by Edge Augmentation PDF
Yueping Li, Renfeng Xu, Zhe Nie 429-437
Numerical Simulation and Space Motion Trajectory Analysis of 6R Serial Manipulators PDF
WANG Lijun, ZHOU Jianbin, XING Long, ZHANG Shenfeng 438-446
A Security Model for Online Banking Based on Semi-trusted Authentication Scheme PDF
Lina Zhang, Junhan Yang, Qi Mu, Zhuo Zhang 447-455
Nonlinear Regression Model for Net Profit Analysis of Steel Industry PDF
Li Hua, Yu Simin, Liu Li, Zhang Tao 456-464
Application of Gaussian Super-Pixels Based Quick Graph Cuts in Image Segmentation PDF
Xiaojun Yu, Honghui Fan, Kefeng Wang 465-474
A Password Creation Strategy Based on Category Attribute and Sensitive Information PDF
Zhiyuan Liu, Jing Chen, Letian Sha 475-483
A Sensing Image Segmentation Scheme Based on Support Vector Machine and LBP Model PDF
Weichu Xiao, Weihong Chen 484-493
An Improved Timing and Frequency Synchronization Estimation Algorithm for OFDM System PDF
Qingbo Zhang 494-500
Sentiment Tendency Analysis Based on Semantic for MicroBlog PDF
Chengfang Tan 501-509
Optimized Sinc Power Pulse for Reducing Inter Carrier Interference in OFDM System PDF
Zhijun Zhang, Xiaoyan Zhao, Xintao Duan 510-516
Analysis of Tactics in Badminton Doubles Match based on Association Rules and Data Mining PDF
Pengfei Shi 517-525
A Brain MRI Segmentation Scheme Based on FCM Algorithm and MRF Models PDF
Dangui Chen, Jia Tang 526-534
BRDF Empirical Models of Sun Reflection on Sea Surface PDF
Tian Ma, Jianguo Huang, Qunfei Zhang 535-541
An Efficient Hierarchical Identity-based Signature Scheme PDF
Lei Guo, Defa Hu 542-549
Gymnasium Safety Evaluation Based on Fuzzy Factor Analysis Method PDF
Yizhi Li 550-558
Intelligent Scheduling Optimization in Cloud Computing Massive Storage based on SALS Algorithm PDF
Yulong Zhou, Liming Zhang, Xing Wei 559-567
Dynamic Analysis of Profit Sensitivity Based on System Dynamics PDF
Shuliang Liu, Juanli Wang 568-575
Human Eyes Tracking in Fatigue Driving using Mean-Shift Algorithm PDF
Qiufen Yang, Weihua Gui, Huosheng Hu 576-584
A Quality Assessment Model for College Students Teaching Based on Unascertained Set PDF
Yancang Li, Lei Zhao, Juanjuan Suo, Zhichao Yang, Baoying Yu 585-591
Orthogonal Test Optimization of Vehicle Smoothness and Road Friendliness PDF
Yongjie Lu, Shahua Li, Cuiyan Wang 592-600
An Empirical Analysis on the Linkage Development between Regional Logistics and Regional Economy PDF
Shengchun Liu 601-608
Analysis of Non-agricultural Land Eco-efficiency Considering the Carbon Emission in Build-up Regions PDF
Wei Cui, Junchao Feng, Jianjun Miao 609-617
Discretionary Accruals Optimization of Accounting Information Transparency PDF
Jie Yang, Limeng Ying 618-627
A Distributed Water Treatment Control System Based on Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Chang Xu 628-634
A Verification Model of Collaborative Innovation Optimization System Based on Ant colony Algorithm PDF
Xiao Zhenhong, Wang Faying 635-643
Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process for Performance Evaluation of Military POL Saving PDF
Xun-biao Liu, Ji-kun Guo, Chun-jiang Zhao, Jun Dai, Hong-qi Wang 644-651
A note on the linear 2-arboricity of planar graphs without adjacent short cycles PDF
Zongzheng Zhao, Mei Yao, Changqing XU 652-656
The Comprehensive Planning Evaluation of Power Supply Enterprises Based on Fuzzy Support Vector Machine PDF
Wei SUN, Xin Gao 657-666
Soft connected spaces and soft paracompact spaces PDF
Weijian Rong, Fucai Lin 667-681
An existence result for parabolic integro-differential equations involving CEV model PDF
Brahim Jarmouni, Mohammed Kbiri Alaoui, Ali Souissi 682-689